Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I can't wait for SUMMER - Link Up

Summer is my absolute favorite season. Yes it's hot, sometimes unbearably, but I always look forward to the first day I get into my car and burn my hand on the steering wheel. This summer is going to be different because it won't mean getting a break from school; it will still mean going to work 5 full days a week and trying to figure out how to dress business casual in 100 degree weather (seriously if anyone has any suggestions send them my way!)

I'm really excited to be linking up today to share why I can't wait for summer, but I quickly realized the list of things I love about this season are just too many to name. So instead I'm sharing my top 3 favorites:

1. Snowballs - If it isn't finely shaven ice it doesn't count so don't even try to hand it to me. When I was younger my favorite flavor was spearmint because it stained my mouth green, now I only eat pink, orange, or yellow ones because they don't stain.
2. Afternoons spent in the pool trying to get a tan - I am ridiculously pale which really isn't fair because my mom has a natural olive tone that with just a little sun makes her darker than Beyonce and my little sister can spend an hour in the sun and look like she speaks Spanish as her first language. I spend hours and hours in the sun sans sunscreen and I still have to search my body for tan lines.
3. My Birthday - I mean does this even need an explanation? Presents, cake, and an excuse to be the center of attention. What's not to love

Oh and of course the excuse to play my summer anthem on repeat!
Summer Girl by Leighton Meester on Grooveshark

 So why can't you wait for summer? Go link up and share!

Helene In Between


  1. Oh summer!!! I am looking at the snow on the ground thinking you'll never get here. I can't wait for it to be warm again!!!

  2. oh man snow balls!! shaved ice is my favorite thing probably on this earth!


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