Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lenten promise

Today is Ash Wednesday which means the start of the Lenten Season. For Catholics (and maybe other religions I'm not really sure) this traditionally means giving up something in the next 40 days leading up to Easter. - Actually did you know that those 40 days don't count Sundays and actually end on Good Friday, not Easter? I just learned that last year. #TheMoreYouKnow

As I mentioned before last year I gave up all sweets, white grains, soft drinks, chips, and just about every other yummy snack that's not healthy; which was, well let's just say I went a little crazy each Sunday on cheat day. In high school one year I gave up using Facebook until my homework was 100% done for the day, which was actually probably my most successful Lent, it was a challenge but manageable. 

So what am I going to give up this year? Nothing. I'm not going to just completely ignore the season, but rather I'm going to do something instead. I'll never forget my 4th grade teacher telling our class that giving up candy was nice and all but that that wasn't really the point of Lent. Jesus didn't die for our sins so that we could pretend to be healthy for a month and a half each year. He died so that we could live. Remember Jesus wasn't an eye for an eye type of guy, so why would he want us to suffer and go with out (plus let's be honest going without Starbursts, Thin Mints, and Twitter even combined all together doesn't even come close to the suffering of being hung on a cross). All Jesus wants from us during Lent is to get closer to Him.

So this year for Lent I'm doing an online devotional. Each night before I go to sleep I'm going to do the reading and mediation. It's just a general devotional, not specifically geared towards women or anything like that. I'm really excited about this! I haven't done any type of Bible Study type thing since high school so I think this could really be what I'm needing in my spiritual life. If anyone else is interested in doing this devotional with me I'd love to do it with a partner in an online Bible Study type thing. Just shoot me an email!  


  1. We had an Ash Wednesday service at my church tonight. I go to a presbyterian church. We always have this service as well as services during holy week to attend in the community and have maundy thursday service and palm sunday service and easter sunday service.

    we've done it as long as I can remember and I've been going since I was born.

    I'm gonna try and give up coke. If I can make it past day 3 i'm good to go

    Would love for you to come join my hop @

  2. great idea lovebug! I actually just posted about giving up soft drinks a few days ago!

    Rachel @


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