Wednesday, March 12, 2014

mirror, mirror on the wall

Okay so the title maybe shouldn't have said on the wall, but "mirror, mirror in my hand" just doesn't have the same ring to it. Never the less I think we can all agree that these pocket compacts are the fairest of them all.
Pocket Compacts

Forever 21 really knocked it out of the park with these beauties. I just wish my nearest store wasn't nearly an hour away because as much as I adore these I can't justify spending more on shipping than a product costs. Every one of these mirrors costs less than $4; for some people that's less than a gallon of gas!

Which is your favorite? I'm torn between the lipstick and the Cats Meow.

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  1. Who's the fairest of them all! I AM!! HA! Takes me back to my Snow White days LOL

    Personally - I LOVE the cheetah one :)

  2. I love the arrow one! I also like the cat's meow one. I'm a fan of anything that say's 'meow' but I don't really care much for cats bc I'm real allergic. Is that weird?


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