Thursday, March 27, 2014

trendy things I never loved

I'm not going to sit here and pretend I haven't jumped on a fad or become weirdly obsessed with something. But as much as I try there are just some trendy things I can't make myself love. I'm usually super easy to peer pressure into liking whatever society says is cool, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Pretty Little Liars - Honestly the whole concept of this one freaks me out. I don't want to watch a show about a girl who may or may not be dead or may or may not being trying to get revenge on you. I think that's what it's about at least. Other popular television shows I could never get into include: The OC, The Office, and Girls

Hello Kitty - I've known girls who were literally obsessed with Hello Kitty and I just never understood. It's not a cartoon, a movie, or a book, so where did it come from? It's just a strange, random white cat and I don't get it.

Carmel Macchiatos - What even is a macchiato? I had a friend who LOVED getting these from the Starbucks in our campus library every time we'd go to study. I'd rather stick to my iced skinny vanilla latte, which yes I realize is a complicated popular drink too. The other Starbucks drink I don't love is the passion fruit teas, but that's because I'm allergic.

David Yurman - I'm probably 1 of maybe 5 girls who doesn't like these bracelets. Honestly I've just never seen the appeal. Yes it's nice to know you have a quality piece of jewelry that won't turn your wrist green when you wear it, but I just don't think these are that pretty.

Vine - From the start I knew this was one form of social media that just didn't have staying power. A whole app just for people to post 6 second videos? No thanks. When Instagram introduced the videos I was so thankful to see this little app start to decline in popularity.

Uggs - I'm slightly embarrassed to say there were about 2 weeks during my freshman year of college when I wanted a pair of these, thankfully I quickly came to my senses. As they say, ugg is short for ugly.

Paleo - In my mind cheese is it's own food group. And as Honest Toddler said, cavemen would have loved cinnamon rolls.

Twilight - Girls spend hundreds of dollars a year to make sure we aren't sickly pale, so why do they think a guy that's so pale he literally glows is hot? Oh you're team Jacob? Glad to know you're super into pedophiles with back hair.

Drunk In Love - I love Queen B, but I don't love this song. At all. I get that people love that it's her and Jay Z together, but I much prefer Crazy in Love

Trendy Things I do love:
Miley Cyrus, Scandal, Michael Kors watches, Mean Girls, top knots, Lilly Pulitzer, wearing leggings as pants, and The Great Gatsby.

Little Friday


  1. OMG We are exactly the same!!! I don't love any of those--especially Drunk in Love--that song makes me feel all uncomfortable--love B & JZ, but that one could have been kept in their bedroom:)
    I'm a sucker for Miley and Scandal though!!!

  2. Agree 100% with your list! Drunk in love....ehhh. Overrated in my opinion!


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