Wednesday, April 30, 2014

That's so Fetch

Mean Girls is 10 years old today. Umm what!? That's crazy. Who ever would have guessed a Lindsay Lohan movie where she doesn't have an identical twin she meets years later at summer camp would still be just as popular, maybe more popular, 10 years later. Mean Girls truly is a modern day classic.

Today I thought it'd be fun to reflect on my own life 10 years ago.

In April 2004 I was 12, about to finish my first year of high school. Schools I went to were weird and didn't have middle school; you have elementary school (preschool - 6th grade) and then high school (7th -12th). I went to an all girls Catholic school with a nun for a principal and wore a plaid skirt and white button down every day. People usually assume going to an all girls school would be awful, but I really loved it, in a way it's kinda like a sorority.

My life was great, nothing really bad had ever happened to me, except not making the tennis team at school. My biggest fear was being dropped off at a school dance before my friends made it there.  I had great friends and made great grades in school. I was about to be named student of the year by both my classmates and my teachers.

I would be the one wearing a poncho 

If Instagram had existed my #ManCandyMonday would have been dedicated to Eli Manning and Andy Roddick every week. I shared a cellphone with my older sister and thought I was so cool because I had my own landline in my room (so we could use the internet without tying up the real phone line). I was about to experience for the first time my very favorite high school activity: Youth Legislature. A week where we went to the state capitol and ran around pretending to play government, really it was just an excuse to buy new clothes and live out our dreams of being Elle Woods

Basically what I'm trying to say is 2004 Hill was way grooler than the 2014 version.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

things that really bother me

Because sometimes you just need to vent to feel better about life

1. When my order gets messed up at a restaurant - When I say no tomatoes it doesn't mean put the tomatoes on my sandwich and allow me to take them off myself; it means don't put a tomato anywhere near my plate.

2. Slow Walkers - I guess I should qualify this one as "slow walkers who take up so much space nobody can pass them". Also annoying: people who don't understand the stand right, walk left rule of escalators

3. That I'll never again get to live in a house with 30 girls - I hated it at times but living in my sorority house for 3 years was one of the best decisions of my life. I never thought I'd miss sharing a room, but some nights I really do miss the late night laughs having a best friend sleeping just a couple feet away provided

4. Paying for shipping with online shopping - I really do love living in Mississippi (although there are other places I'd love to live too!) but living in a small state has its downsides. We don't have a lot of stores here that other people enjoy on a regular basis. Fun fact: My Target is one of only 3 in the entire state, and it's two towns over and wasn't even built until 2009. Mississippi doesn't have a single Macys so you can just forget other big department stores like Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom being here. Basically what I'm trying to say is I'm often forced to online shop to fill my closet's needs. And there is nothing more frustrating than finding the most perfect outfit and then having to pay $8 to have it sent to you.

5. Television shows that get cancelled too soon - Anybody else still bitter they canceled GCB?

6. The fact that some girls can eat all the carbs they want without gaining a pound - I even think about eating a bowl of spaghetti with a side of garlic bread and go up a dress size

7. When all the hot water is gone before I finish washing my hair - living in a house with 4 other people plus thick curly hair that needs to be washed daily are not two things that go well together

8. That Blake Shelton song "Doin' what she Likes" - like just no. She's not going to like it when you get fired for calling in sick to work so often.

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Erica Jacquline

Monday, April 28, 2014

Mother's Day Shopping Guide

With May quickly approaching Mother's Day is just around the corner. I had a minor panic attack last week when it seemed every other blogger was on the same page of posting a Mother's Day shopping guide and I realized I had not even begun to think about what to buy my mom. Mother's Day is a funny thing because there will never be a gift good enough to equal the gift of life that our mother's gave us. No matter how hard I try, I fear I will never be able to find a gift to properly show my appreciation for all my mom has done for me. But after searching all over the world wide web these are some ideas I've come up with to help express my love.

Mug  /  Sandals  /  Phone Cover  /  Book

These suggestions are for a variety of price points (like starting at less than $20) to accommodate only children or those of us who go in with siblings to purchase one larger gift. No matter if your mom is a fashionista, likes to entertain, or spends her days in the car running errands, there's a gift for every mom here. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Five

Happy Friday Friends! I'm finally getting around to joining the blog world this week, better late than never I guess. I decided to take a spring break of sorts from blogging this week and spend my precious free time not typing out hilarious/deep/moving/interesting posts. What have I been doing this week instead of blogging you ask. Well here is a list of 5 ways I spent all my free time.

1. Working on my April Goals. Monday night I realized we only had a little over a week left of April and I still had a lot of work to do on my goals. I'm proud to say I did a great job on these this week and I'm feeling good about finishing this month strong. I'm most proud of myself for figuring out how to install the "Pin It" button, so please go pin something from my blog (Maybe from this post or this one)

2. Catching up on reading my favorite blogs. One of my favorite parts about blogging is actually reading other blogs, but when there are so many great blogs to read and only so many hours in a day some of my favorites go unread for days at a time. I was able to devote a lot more time this week to being a good blog reader, since I failed as a blog writer.

3. Not drinking tap water. Did you see my tweet about not having water in our house on Monday? Well after 5 hours of literally zero water in our house it finally was turned back on which was a relief because earlier in the day I'd had to go to the mall just to use the bathroom! We're still under a boil water notice which means today is the 5th day I've had to use bottled water to brush my teeth. This major disaster inconvenience inspired me to donate to the Water Project fundraiser that Elizabeth of Southern Finesse is doing in honor of her 1 year blogiversary. If you donate just $23 before the end of the month you'll help a person get clean water AND she'll design you a new blog button! Seriously such a great idea!!

4. Reading things on the internet in general. This article about finding plan B when you realize your dream career isn't your dream anymore is great. If you're looking for something a bit more humorous I suggest this article from Post Grad Problem.

5. I know this song is old but I've been on a major JT kick lately and this song makes me feel like summer and I love it so I've been listening to on repeat
Señorita by Justin Timberlake on Grooveshark

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

the perfect beach hat

I need an excuse to buy this hat

I've had it sitting in a draft for a post about beach essentials for about a month and I just keep looking at it trying to think of an excuse to buy it. I thought today's return of 70 degrees weather was the perfect time to publicly proclaim my love for it. A good beach hat is one of the most overlooked beach essentials in my book; nobody wants a sunburnt, you're going to get wrinkles/skin cancer face. It's just canvas and a little pricey (but it's Kate Spade) but I think it's just darling. Each time I see it I can just imagine sitting on the beautiful white sand with a nice cold beer and a good book or lounging pool side with Pina Colada and top Country playlist.

Since I have zero beach trips in my future someone please go buy it so I can live vicariously through you. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I never thought I'd - LinkUp

My mother always says that she knew 4 things about her life when she was young, that she'd never (1) become a teacher (2) get married (3) have children (4) or live in Mississippi. Guess what, she did all 4. While maybe not as big life decisions as these 4 things I think we all have things that we've never thought we would do that suddenly all of a sudden we realize we've done.

Yesterday Juliette shared her list, so today I'm linking up to share mine

The Other Juliette

Find a beer I actually enjoy drinking (hello Blue Moon)

Let it get to be 2014 without ever seeing a single episode of Gossip Girl

Wear my glasses more than my contacts (a result of working in a smokey environment)

Move home with my parents after graduation

Own multiple pairs of jeggings and leggings to wear as pants

Be 22 and never had a really serious relationship

Stick with blogging this long

Miss my days as a sorority girl this much

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

signs you're becoming an adult

A strange thing is happening, I think I'm actually becoming an adult. I know you technically become an adult at 21, but I'm just now starting to feel like one. And at just 3 months shy of 23 it's about time. I always said that I thought 22 would be the age that you should really be considered an adult because most people have entered the working world by then, but up until now I felt like a teenager playing pretend. Some days I still feel like an imposture, but slowly those feelings are disappearing. The following is a list of things that have happened to me recently that really made me stop and realize I'm not a child anymore.

you actually have to file taxes (PS don't forget today is the deadline!)

your go-to snack is no longer a snack cake but Greek yogurt

you hear about teenagers doing something dumb and shake your head saying "kids these days"

you look people up on LinkedIn instead of Facebook

you have dreams about investing in the stock market and saving for retirement

your idea of a fun Saturday night is reading a book in bed before falling asleep before midnight

Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Update

Well it's been a hot minute since I've done one of these weekend update posts, mostly because "I worked all weekend" just isn't great blog material. Luckily for you blog readers I didn't just spend my weekend working, I only spent half of it working. I traded off days last week and ended up with a 3 day weekend (!!!) this week meaning I was off yesterday, making it the first Sunday I had off since starting this job in December. I went to church with my family in the morning and then we went for Mexican, just like we did almost every Sunday while I was growing up. I spent the rest of the day napping and reading magazines. It was perfect and relaxing and exactly what I needed.

Other things of note from this weekend

  • Did you watch Mad Men last night? I was a little underwhelmed by it. They make us wait months and months, all the way until the middle of April and that's all they gave us? I was expecting so much more, like oh I dunno maybe an appearance by Sally 
  • This weekend my town played host to our annual "Black Beach Week." This is a weekend each spring planned during the spring breaks of historically black colleges where students come and spend their spring breaks on our beaches. It is one of the worst weekends to live here because the beach is packed with traffic. I seriously do not know how people in real spring break destinations do it for months at a time. My usual 12 minute drive home from work took 45 on Saturday. 
  • Did you see my Instagram on Friday with my new statement necklace? It's from Urban Peach Boutique and I absolutely love it! They have really insanely good prices on statement jewelry plus they usually have some type of discount code. I ordered my necklace Monday night and it was in my mailbox Thursday afternoon. 

Well that's all I've got for you today. I'm hoping to have a productive day spent doing laundry, scheduling some posts, and maybe getting an oil change if I'm feeling really ambitious. 

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

things I wish were real from Harry Potter

I'm sitting here watching Harry Potter on ABC Family as I write this. I had no idea about what to blog about for today, so I decided that I would just use these movies as my inspiration for today's post.

I seriously love Harry Potter and I have zero shame about it. Fun Fact: Harry's birthday and mine are just a day apart!

Some people think still loving this series is childish, but I think they're just plain wrong. My generation grew up with Harry Potter. It taught us the value of friends, family, and doing what's right even when it's very difficult. So here I give you 7 (because that's how books there are, duh!) things from the Wizarding World I wish were real.

1. Apparition - At least 3 times a week I wish this were real. Can you just imagine how much time we'd have in life if we could just apparate instantly everywhere instead of having to waste time sitting in traffic.
2. Ron Weasley - that ginger makes this muggle girl's heart flutter. I'd love to have Molly Wesley as my mother -in-law
3. Patronus Charm - Probably my favorite charm of the entire series. I love that this one is made out of pure happiness
4. Gilderoy Lockhart - The best character of the series! I would laugh until I cried at some of his parts in the book.
5.  Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans - I want these to be real, because I love jelly beans so magical jelly beans would be even better! Even if I do end up with the occasional earwax flavored one
6. The Marauder's Map - I'm going to be honest, I wish this were real because I'm nosey and I like to know what everybody is up to
7. My letter to Hogwarts - seriously 11 years later and I'm still waiting on it. The owl they used must have been a male and refused to ask for directions when lost

Is there something from your childhood that you still love?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April Goals

Well here we are a full week into April and I'm just getting around to recapping my March Goals and introducing my next set of monthly goals. But better late than never, right?

Overall I'd say March was a success, I for sure felt better about it than I did about February!

1. Clean Room - Failure, again. It didn't happen in February and it didn't happen again this month. Anyone have any tips for keeping everything tidy when you're pressed for time
2. About Me Page Update - Success. It's still not exactly how I want it, but for now I think it's a vast improvement on way it looked before. I think this will have to be a continual work in progress with little tweaks here and there.
3. No Spend Week - Success. It just about killed me, but I'm glad I did it.
4. Deposit Change - 75%. I did roll all the change but it ended up being less than $20 so I decided to wait to bring it to the bank until I get my State tax refund check so I can just make one trip.
5. No Lenten Slipups - 75% I'm really happy with how well I've done with this one, but I haven't been perfect. The only times I've slipped up is when I forget to pullup the devotional in time; it's online so it automatically changes to the next day by 11pm each night. But this goal was about making the effort to grow closer to Christ and I really think I've achieved that.

So this month I'll be adding $35 to my "Me Jar". Bringing my total to $110

April Goals 
1. Keep a clean room - Here's to hoping the 3rd times the charm!
2. Donate to a charity - I haven't decided which charity or how much, but I really want to donate something this month. I'm thinking this could be a good use of my tax refund
3. Floss everyday - because good dental health is important and I forget this little step more often than I should
4. Install the "Pin This" button - like my "About Me" this has been on my to-do list for a while. Hopefully I can read one of the tutorials I've seen and successfully add this to help by continued blog growth.
5. Secret - For privacy reasons I'm not going to explain this one here. But know that it is important and involves doing something 5 times this month.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Motivational

Okay so this isn't the post I had planned for today, but whatever. I had planned to do a recap of my March goals and introduce my April goals, but I went to dinner with my parents and got drunk tipsy off one margarita and that post is just too much for me to write out right now as I write this at midnight on Sunday. So hopefully I'll have it up Tuesday for y'all. But because I'm a slightly OCD thoughtful blogger I couldn't just let Monday pass without a post, so here I am with an alternative.

John 11:41; southern blogs; Christian bloggers; Lenten Devotionals;

Today I'm going to leave you with this Bible verse that was featured in my Lent devotional this week. This week I want to make a conscious effort to see all the good that is in my life, all the answered prayers and blessings, instead of only seeing how things could be better. I challenge you to do the same. 

And don't forget my Easter Giveaway ends at midnight! So go enter now, you don't want to miss out on this!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Five

1. Don't forget to go enter my Easter Giveaway! I've seriously been so blown away by the response for it. I thought maybe I'd be lucky and get 75 entries. Y'all are making this such a fun great first giveaway experience for me. And for that I've added something extra to the prize!

These cluster earrings will be such a great addition to your wardrobe !

So if you haven't entered yet go do it now. Seriously Go Go Go!! It closes at midnight on Tuesday

2. I've been getting so many no-reply bloggers lately and it's seriously bumming me out! I realize most people have zero idea how to fix this; I sure didn't so I was a no-reply blogger for a long time. But then I stumbled across a fantastic tutorial from Sarah and it solved all my problems. So if bloggers never respond to any of your super sweet/funny/smart comments go follow her instructions so I can start responding and we can become best friends!

3. Did you watch the series finale of How I Met Your Mother this week? I think I might have been one of about 30 people in America who didn't watch it. SPOILER ALERT!

I actually didn't watch this entire season because I just couldn't accept the fact that Ted and Robin wouldn't end up together. Now that I know how it all ends I want to go back and watch this last season.  Mason wrote a great post earlier this week about why the ending was great, even though tons of people hated it. I still remember when I saw the very first episode. It was after I'd seen the rest of season 1, but had some how missed the first one and in the days before we had DVR or Hulu that meant waiting till the season was over and they repeated. When Ted ends that very first episode with "And that's how I met your Aunt Robin" I was devastated. I had just spent the entire season thinking Robin was the mom, because it was so beyond obvious that she and Ted belonged together. So yes, I do think the writers got it right in the end.

4. Have you seen this United States of Bros article on Jezebel? I don't read Jezebel, I found the article from a response article on TFM which is really funny too. I haven't met Bros from most of these places, but the ones I have met are spot on. Plus I've never wanted to move to Dallas more, seriously the author perfectly described my type.

5. This song came on the radio yesterday as I was driving to work and I still knew all the words. I'm not sure if I should feel proud or embarrassed, but whichever I think it's the perfect song to start your weekend
Genie in a Bottle by Christina Aguilera on Grooveshark

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hey it's Okay!

Remember this post where I first did my version of this Glamour staple. Well I'm back now doing another one because sometimes you just need someone to tell you Hey, it's okay!

Hey, it's OK... want to take a trip to Disney World more than the average 8 year old be just the tiniest bit sad it's getting warmer because now you have to shave more regularly relate to 98% of the lyrics in #Selfie go on a diet just you have an excuse for a shopping spree be excited about baseball season because it means hot guys in tight pants use Facebook trends and the Skimm as your primary news sources

What's NOT okay: Forgetting to enter my Easter Giveaway!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Throw Back Playlist

One of my favorite parts of driving back and forth to Ole Miss was the opportunity to jam out in my car for the 6 hour drive. Each trip needed it's own new playlist, so as you can imagine over the course of 4 years those playlists added up. The other day I was going through my itunes and noticed I still had a few of those playlists saved. What really surprised me was that I still really enjoyed each one. And as a testament to how many times I listened to these I still had a few of the orders memorized.

Today I decided to share one of these with you because it's Wednesday and I'm feeling lazy.  This is my start of Fall playlist from Junior year, or as I so creatively named it B2O JrYr. I had just returned home a week before from my summer interning in DC and was headed back to finish my term as my sorority's chapter president. In other words I was feeling on top of the world and unstoppable. It's funny when I listen to it now I can almost start to feel myself getting those same feelings again.

Hope you enjoy it and helps you feel unstoppable too. Happy Wednesday!

PS: Keep your eyes on my Instagram today for a close up of those gorgeous earrings I'm giving away

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Another post about Mississippi

Last month I was sent a travel journal from a 3rd grader in Ohio. Each student in his class was given their own journal and then sent it to someone in a different state who would then send it to another person in a state letting it travel across the US. Each person who received the journal was instructed to fill a couple of pages with facts and photos about your state. Before me the journal had visited Oregon, New York, Idaho, Florida, and Louisiana. After a couple of months the journals will all return to the class to be used as a Social Studies lesson. It was kinda like Flat Stanley, but without the weird paper doll. I thought this was such a fun and creative project, so I was thrilled to be able to help out. Plus you all know how much I love to talk about Mississippi, so I jump at every chance I have to tell others about my wonderful home state. 

Here's what I shared about Mississippi! What would you share about your state?

Mississippi blogger; Mississippi blogs; elementary school projects; travel journals
Of course I had to turn this into a mini crafting project too!

I’m so glad your journal made a stop here in the Magnolia State. I’ve lived in Mississippi almost my entire life, including four different cities, so I feel qualified to share with you a few of our fun facts. The first Teddy Bear toy may have been created in New York, like your Aunt Patty said, but the inspiration came from a story about Theodore Roosevelt hunting in Mississippi. I bet you didn’t know that NASA’s primary center for testing Space Shuttle Main Engines is Stennis Space Center here in Mississippi. The world’s first human lung and heart transplant surgeries were done in Mississippi.

I live in Gulfport, which is one of the largest cities in our state. It is way down at the bottom of the state so I get to see the beach every day. Living down here also means we have plenty of good seafood to eat; fresh shrimp, crab, and fish fill the menus of our local restaurants.

I spent the past four years living in Oxford while I attended the University of Mississippi. Oxford is a small town in the northeast part of the state. Life in Oxford centers around the University with most weekends spent attending football, baseball, or basketball games cheering for our Ole Miss Rebels. Oxford was also home to the great American writer William Faulkner. Faulkner won the 1949 Noble Prize in Literature. When visiting Oxford you can tour his house, Rowan Oak, and even see where he wrote part of his stories on the walls!

Faulkner is not the only famous Mississippian. Our state is also the birthplace of Elvis Presley, B.B. King, and Faith Hill. Mississippi has a rich musical heritage. This is why the state is often called the Birthplace of American Music. The origin of Blues music is from a part of the state called the Delta. The Delta is located in the northwest part of the state along the Mississippi River. The River causes the soil to be rich with nutrients making this an agricultural area producing cotton, soybeans, and even catfish that are raised in ponds on farms.

Hope you enjoyed getting to learn a little bit about my state!