Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April Goals

Well here we are a full week into April and I'm just getting around to recapping my March Goals and introducing my next set of monthly goals. But better late than never, right?

Overall I'd say March was a success, I for sure felt better about it than I did about February!

1. Clean Room - Failure, again. It didn't happen in February and it didn't happen again this month. Anyone have any tips for keeping everything tidy when you're pressed for time
2. About Me Page Update - Success. It's still not exactly how I want it, but for now I think it's a vast improvement on way it looked before. I think this will have to be a continual work in progress with little tweaks here and there.
3. No Spend Week - Success. It just about killed me, but I'm glad I did it.
4. Deposit Change - 75%. I did roll all the change but it ended up being less than $20 so I decided to wait to bring it to the bank until I get my State tax refund check so I can just make one trip.
5. No Lenten Slipups - 75% I'm really happy with how well I've done with this one, but I haven't been perfect. The only times I've slipped up is when I forget to pullup the devotional in time; it's online so it automatically changes to the next day by 11pm each night. But this goal was about making the effort to grow closer to Christ and I really think I've achieved that.

So this month I'll be adding $35 to my "Me Jar". Bringing my total to $110

April Goals 
1. Keep a clean room - Here's to hoping the 3rd times the charm!
2. Donate to a charity - I haven't decided which charity or how much, but I really want to donate something this month. I'm thinking this could be a good use of my tax refund
3. Floss everyday - because good dental health is important and I forget this little step more often than I should
4. Install the "Pin This" button - like my "About Me" this has been on my to-do list for a while. Hopefully I can read one of the tutorials I've seen and successfully add this to help by continued blog growth.
5. Secret - For privacy reasons I'm not going to explain this one here. But know that it is important and involves doing something 5 times this month.

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