Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hey it's Okay!

Remember this post where I first did my version of this Glamour staple. Well I'm back now doing another one because sometimes you just need someone to tell you Hey, it's okay!

Hey, it's OK... want to take a trip to Disney World more than the average 8 year old be just the tiniest bit sad it's getting warmer because now you have to shave more regularly relate to 98% of the lyrics in #Selfie go on a diet just you have an excuse for a shopping spree be excited about baseball season because it means hot guys in tight pants use Facebook trends and the Skimm as your primary news sources

What's NOT okay: Forgetting to enter my Easter Giveaway!


  1. hahaha--I kept imagining Juan Pablo when reading your post..."Esss okay". And I get all my news from Facebook--otherwise I'm in a little bubble of my own.

  2. I love this! You should make this a link up!


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