Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I never thought I'd - LinkUp

My mother always says that she knew 4 things about her life when she was young, that she'd never (1) become a teacher (2) get married (3) have children (4) or live in Mississippi. Guess what, she did all 4. While maybe not as big life decisions as these 4 things I think we all have things that we've never thought we would do that suddenly all of a sudden we realize we've done.

Yesterday Juliette shared her list, so today I'm linking up to share mine

The Other Juliette

Find a beer I actually enjoy drinking (hello Blue Moon)

Let it get to be 2014 without ever seeing a single episode of Gossip Girl

Wear my glasses more than my contacts (a result of working in a smokey environment)

Move home with my parents after graduation

Own multiple pairs of jeggings and leggings to wear as pants

Be 22 and never had a really serious relationship

Stick with blogging this long

Miss my days as a sorority girl this much


  1. This was a really sweet post! I was the same way, before I went to college I swore I would never, ever wear leggings as pants and then it finally happened and I've never looked back :)


  2. Girl, you are seriously missing out on Gossip Girl - it's such an addicting show! Totally with you on the glasses more than contacts thing, although for me, it's just because I'm lazy in the mornings!

  3. So funny that your mom did all 4 of the "I will nevers" on her list! YES LEGGINGS ARE EVERYTHING. Thanks for linking up!

  4. I never thought I'd be a beer girl, then bam in my senior year of college I love IPA's!


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