Wednesday, April 30, 2014

That's so Fetch

Mean Girls is 10 years old today. Umm what!? That's crazy. Who ever would have guessed a Lindsay Lohan movie where she doesn't have an identical twin she meets years later at summer camp would still be just as popular, maybe more popular, 10 years later. Mean Girls truly is a modern day classic.

Today I thought it'd be fun to reflect on my own life 10 years ago.

In April 2004 I was 12, about to finish my first year of high school. Schools I went to were weird and didn't have middle school; you have elementary school (preschool - 6th grade) and then high school (7th -12th). I went to an all girls Catholic school with a nun for a principal and wore a plaid skirt and white button down every day. People usually assume going to an all girls school would be awful, but I really loved it, in a way it's kinda like a sorority.

My life was great, nothing really bad had ever happened to me, except not making the tennis team at school. My biggest fear was being dropped off at a school dance before my friends made it there.  I had great friends and made great grades in school. I was about to be named student of the year by both my classmates and my teachers.

I would be the one wearing a poncho 

If Instagram had existed my #ManCandyMonday would have been dedicated to Eli Manning and Andy Roddick every week. I shared a cellphone with my older sister and thought I was so cool because I had my own landline in my room (so we could use the internet without tying up the real phone line). I was about to experience for the first time my very favorite high school activity: Youth Legislature. A week where we went to the state capitol and ran around pretending to play government, really it was just an excuse to buy new clothes and live out our dreams of being Elle Woods

Basically what I'm trying to say is 2004 Hill was way grooler than the 2014 version.

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  1. I just saw that you are in the On Wednesday We Wear Pink post. :) I am actually from Mississippi too (Brandon) but currently live in FL! :) I am the 9th link up on the post :D

  2. Omg so many people have been posting about Mean Girls, but I love that you took the anniversary as an opportunity to flashback 10 years to talk about where you were. Great idea, very original! :)

    Morning Neon
    "Let's move to Vegas."

  3. Love it!!!! Thanks for linking up with us!!


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