Wednesday, April 9, 2014

things I wish were real from Harry Potter

I'm sitting here watching Harry Potter on ABC Family as I write this. I had no idea about what to blog about for today, so I decided that I would just use these movies as my inspiration for today's post.

I seriously love Harry Potter and I have zero shame about it. Fun Fact: Harry's birthday and mine are just a day apart!

Some people think still loving this series is childish, but I think they're just plain wrong. My generation grew up with Harry Potter. It taught us the value of friends, family, and doing what's right even when it's very difficult. So here I give you 7 (because that's how books there are, duh!) things from the Wizarding World I wish were real.

1. Apparition - At least 3 times a week I wish this were real. Can you just imagine how much time we'd have in life if we could just apparate instantly everywhere instead of having to waste time sitting in traffic.
2. Ron Weasley - that ginger makes this muggle girl's heart flutter. I'd love to have Molly Wesley as my mother -in-law
3. Patronus Charm - Probably my favorite charm of the entire series. I love that this one is made out of pure happiness
4. Gilderoy Lockhart - The best character of the series! I would laugh until I cried at some of his parts in the book.
5.  Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans - I want these to be real, because I love jelly beans so magical jelly beans would be even better! Even if I do end up with the occasional earwax flavored one
6. The Marauder's Map - I'm going to be honest, I wish this were real because I'm nosey and I like to know what everybody is up to
7. My letter to Hogwarts - seriously 11 years later and I'm still waiting on it. The owl they used must have been a male and refused to ask for directions when lost

Is there something from your childhood that you still love?

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  1. Girl. I feel you on What I really wish was that I had the flu powder - that I could totally do.


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