Tuesday, May 6, 2014

a list of things I'm really good at doing

Do you ever find yourself just feeling really down about yourself? You're not as pretty or smart or creative as your friends. Your blog isn't as popular as someone else's. You didn't win that big promotion at work. I know I sure feel like that sometimes. It's so easy for me to forget the things I'm really good at and just see the ways I don't measure up. Today I felt the need to remind myself of all the things I am actually really good at doing; maybe they're not big find the cure to cancer type things, but they count for something. We all have talents, they just may not be the same talents as somebody else's.

  1. taking naps in the middle of the day
  2. stalking social media
  3. eating mexican food
  4. watching chick flicks 
  5. staying calm during a crisis 
  6. making others feel good about themselves
  7. walking in heels
  8. driving long distances
  9. making fun playlists
  10. making professional phone call 

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