Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Five

1. Unless you're living under a rock I'm sure you saw this week held sales from Bauble Bar and Kate Spade. If you missed those, don't worry because memorial day weekend means plenty more stores will be getting in on the action. Nordstrom is having a huge sale and Lilly Pulitzer is giving away free gift with purchases this weekend. So unless you're like me and on a spending freeze for the rest of the month you should go check those out.

2. Remember that time I said I'm glad I don't live in California or Hawaii. Turns out my gut was pretty right because those two states own the list of worst freeways to drive in America. Not on the list, any places I would love to live. Google Maps did the survey so I'm pretty confident it's accurate, but I'm curious to hear from anyone who has driven on one of these roads. Are they as bad as they claim?

3. Did you know Sonic now has new slushies flavors? I don't know if I should be embarrassed or proud that I know this, but I knew I had to share it with yall. They still have all the old ones, but now they've added new ones like peach and pineapple. Plus all shakes are now half priced after 8pm for summer!

4. Have you seen this video of the most epic selfies ever. The guy visited 60 countries with his camera taking selfies and it's really really cool. If anyone knows the name of the song playing in the background I'd love to know it.

5. This song just sounds like summer to me which I love #sorryifyourenotsouthern
Southern Girl by Tim McGraw on Grooveshark

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  1. Ahh I love Sonic. My high school friends and I always used to end up there late on summer nights and sometimes still do. I have a definite weakness for those slushies!


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