Wednesday, May 28, 2014

fun and affordable housewarming gifts

Your best friend just got married, your married cousin is moving into their first real house, your high school bestie just landed her dream job halfway across the country, your sorority little is moving into her first apartment. For whatever reason someone you adore is getting a new place and you won't be there to celebrate with a bottle of wine and batch of fresh baked funfetti cupcakes. How do you mark this exciting time in their lives? You certainly aren't going to sit in bed and be bitter because you live at home with your parents in your childhood bedroom. You send them a housewarming gift of course!

With graduation season wrapping up and wedding season beginning this is the time of year to start searching though the hostess section of your favorite stores gift guides. I personally think the best housewarming gifts are ones that are personalized or elude to entertaining. I also believe in giving slightly impractical gifts, not so impractical that when the box is opened everyone is thinking the wrong item must have been shipped, but in a "this is slightly overpriced and you'd never buy it for yourself, but it's beautiful and I want you to have it" way. What I'm saying is nobody wants to get a blender or a clothes drying rack as a gift. Here are some of my suggestions for fun and affordable housewarming gifts.

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  1. I NEED those coasters! They are just perfect. And the zebra glasses?! So fun!

  2. Cake stands and pretty coasters are FABULOUS housewarming gifts! Especially cake stands…gosh they are just so darn adorable! And you gotta display the funfetti cupcakes somewhere! :p


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