Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I wanna marry Harry

Did anyone else watch this show on Fox last night? Incase you missed it here's a quick recap for you

12 American women come to England for a Bachelor type dating show. Once they get to the estate they're staying at they're led to believe that the man they're competing for is Prince Harry. Obviously he isn't the real Harry, but just a regular poor (as in he borrows a friend's bike to get to work because he can't afford a car) British guy named Matt. If you ask me he looks more like Prince William with dyed red hair.

The whole idea of the show is too ridiculous for me to not watch. Seriously how dumb do you have to be to think that Prince Harry is desperate enough to have to go on a dating show to find a girl. Plus while they were filming this I'm pretty sure he was dating Cressida. Now if you'd told me it was somebody like James Franco looking for a girl I might believe you. The thing that's really crazy is not all these girls seem like the typical dumb girl; one of them just earned her doctorate! One thing I do really like so far is that he doesn't come right out and say he's Harry; he just keeps dodging their questions. He doesn't even tell them his name, instead saying they can call him whatever they want (they decide on boyfriend and Prince Charming).

"American girls don't seem to have inside voices" - Not Prince Harry. He seemed a bit thrown off by how loud and "brazen" all the girls were, but not so thrown off that he ended up picking the wildest one to spend the night in the "Crown Suite" their version of the Fantasy Suite. It really was no surprise who he kicked off either, she was clearly the least attractive of the group and looked like she was in physical pain when with him.

Overall I'd say I'm excited about watching the rest of the season. A couple of the girls didn't seem 100% convinced it's Prince Harry, so I'm counting on one of them to realize what's going on before it's over. Since practically every other show has taken it's summer break this might be good for a few laughs while there really isn't much other choice.

I really want to know what the real Prince Harry thinks of all this. If anyone has a connection send his contact information my way so I can make him fall in love with me and live happily ever after ask him.

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