Thursday, May 8, 2014

last minute mother's day gift

You forgot it was already May. You didn't pay for express shipping. You ignored every gift guide you saw posted. You had student loans, a car payment, and rent to pay this month. For whatever reason Mother's Day is Sunday and you don't have a gift for the most important woman in your life. We've all been there and it sucks. But today I'm bringing you a last minute gift idea that your mom is sure to treasure. Plus it's super cheap!

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Things you'll need:
1. computer with internet access
2. printer
3. favorite saying, quote, Bible verse, etc
4. pencil
5. ruler
6. scissors
7. picture frame

You're going to use PicMonkey which is a super easy, free online design/editing tool. Pick the Design option and the size you want; I decided to go with the 8x10 but if you wanted something smaller the 5x7 or 4x6 would work too.

It should automatically bring you to the screen asking what color you want your canvas to be; always pick transparent! This way you have the graph paper looking background to help you judge distance while you design. You can always go back and change the canvas color after you're done designing, but for this project I'd suggest you leave it transparent or else you'll kill a ton of your ink when you print.

Now you're ready to start designing your print! I would start with the words part because it'll take up the most run. Play around with the different font choices and colors until you find something you like. If you double click the color description (002e85) it will let you manually put it in so you can make sure everything is the same color.

I decided to be arty and do a shadowed effect on mine by doing the same words in a lighter color on top. You don't have to do this, just make it yours!

Next I added the lines. These are found in the "Overlays" (the butterfly icon) area under geometric. You just take the rectangle and adjust it until it's your desired width and length. If you want multiple identical overlays, just right click the first one you've created and select duplicate overlay to save time and energy. 

Once you have your print designed how you like it all you have to do is save it to your computer! Print it out using your normal color printer at home. I guess you could take it to Office Depot and get them to print it out on something glossy, but honestly it looks just as good on normal printer paper with normal ink. I compared it to a print I ordered online from an Etsy store printed on the higher quality thick, glossy paper and you really cannot tell a difference.

Okay now this is the most difficult part of the entire project. You're going to take the glass out of your frame and trace its outline onto your print. Use the back side just incase you don't cut perfectly on the lines. You can use a ruler to ensure you center it correctly.

Put it in a frame, wrap it up with a sweet card and you're done! I got this frame from TJ Maxx for about $7, so you'll see this gift is super affordable plus it's personal.

PS: Maybe your boyfriend didn't listen to you when you told him he needed to go shopping last month and he has nothing for his mother. Help the poor guy out and make him one of these so he doesn't have to show up empty handed to brunch. You'll earn bonus points with your potential mother-in-law and save him a lot of embarrassment.

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