Monday, May 5, 2014

May Goals

April for sure flew by faster than any other month this year; I really don't know where the time went. I successfully completed 3 out of my 5 monthly goals.

1. Keep a Clean Room - LOL this one went about the same way it has for the other two months it was on the list.  FAIL
2. Donate to a Charity - I donated to the Water Project that Elizabeth hosted for her 1 year blogiversary. This was probably my favorite goal so far this year; it felt really good to give back. COMPLETE
3. Floss everyday - This one started off strong, then I had to brush my teeth with bottled water for a week and I lost all interest. FAIL
4. Install the PIN IT button - Thanks to an awesome, super easy tutorial I was able to install this in less than an hour. I'm already seeing results from it, so please keep on using it! COMPLETE
5. Secret - This goal I absolutely knocked outta the park. I wanted to do this 5 times and I did it 7. COMPLETE

So $30 gets added to the jar, bringing my total to $140.

May Goals

1. Only spend $200 - My no spend week from March was a great success so this month I'm building on that idea of watching my finances. I've given myself $200 total to spend this month; that includes gas, shopping, entertainment, any extra food, and gifts for mother's day and my dad's birthday. Since I really don't have any expenses this is my way of sticking to a budget.
2. clean out my closet - I try to do this at the beginning of every season, but I still haven't gotten around to it since the cold weather ended. Anything from fall/winter I didn't wear last season or see myself wearing again in the fall gets donated.
3. be a smarter eater - I've stuck to a diet exactly once in my entire life, in 10th grade when I gave up carbs for 8 months. Since then I've realized I'm just not able to cut out all my favorite foods completely; sometimes a girl just needs a couple Oreos or a chickfila sandwich. Instead of dieting I want to be smarter about what I eat; just because it's there doesn't mean I need to eat it. My job provides a meal each shift, a mean that usually isn't healthy at all. Sometimes it's something yummy, like hot roast beef sandwiches or pancakes and bacon, but a lot of times it's not really something I want to eat (meatloaf, sloppy joes, ribs). I've gotten into a bad habit of passing up the salad bar in favor of the hot meal, even when I like salad as much as, if not more than, the other choice.
4. be more conscious of time - If I had $5 for every hour I mindlessly spent on Twitter or Instagram I could quit my job. Seriously it just eats up my free time. I don't want to cut these out of my life, just be more aware of all the time I spent flipping back and forth between my personal and blog accounts on these, just being aware of this will give me a bunch of extra time to spend doing other things.
5. Repeat of April's Goal #5 - If you read my post from Thursday you can probably guess what this is now.

What are your goals this month? How'd you do with your last set of goals? Go link up and share!


  1. I'm needing to do some of these -- particular the watching what I spend and cleaning out my closet! Good luck!

  2. You did better than me in April :)
    Good luck on your May Goals


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