Monday, May 19, 2014

monday motivation playlist

Last week Kendra Scott paired up with Ashley Brooke Designs to give away a pair of earrings and a mug each day. Thursday's contest asked "What foolproof jam motivates you instantly?" Kendra's social media team sadly didn't pick me, but it did give me the idea to share a list of my favorite songs that keep me motivated.

As I've mentioned before I love making playlists for all occasions. Some of my all time favorite playlists are the ones I made when I had a major project to work on like studying for finals, planning a sorority philanthropy event, or packing up my room to move home at the end of the school year. These events required songs guaranteed to pump me up and keep me motivated. Sometimes Mondays require this same amount of motivation. So listen to this playlist and know that when you leave work today you're just 4 days away from the weekend!

Motivation Monday by HG on Grooveshark

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