Thursday, May 15, 2014

my first time at camp

This is a post about my first time. No, not THAT first time; this is a G rated blog. This is a post about my first time at camp. Well not normal camp where you live in a cabin and sit around a camp fire singing songs and making smores after a day of outside activities like archery and kayaking. This was leadership camp.

I'm back row 5th from the left

It was the summer of 2005; I had just finished 8th grade and was feeling great about life. Well other than the fact that I'd just gotten glasses a few month back #MiddleSchoolSocialSuicide. The whole reason I got contacts was because I was going away for the summer. I told the doctor that I wasn't going to wear my glasses so he could either let me get contacts or I'd walk around blind all summer.

My counselor that we all had the biggest crushes on. I wish I could remember his name so I could find him on Facebook

I was picked as one of 30 students from the state to attend this month long leadership camp held on the Ole Miss campus. We lived in two old dorms, one for boys one for girls. We spent our mornings taking a class about American democracy and our afternoons doing various activities; frisbee, walks to the Square, tours of the police station where we met the local drug dog, or free time which really meant working on our homework in the computer lab.

The dorm I lived in. It was so outdated that the next Fall they turned it into offices

On the weekends we'd take day trips to places like the water park or Memphis to eat BBQ. And then Sundays were spent with trips to Walmart and endless hours playing board games waiting for the kids who went home for the weekend to return.

Fall 2009 as college Freshmen. Still friends all those years later

My mom dropped me off on campus as a shy sheltered girl not knowing a single soul, but I left with friends I'm still in touch with today, confidence in myself, and a new appreciation for Maroon 5. I loved my experience so much that I was actually a counselor for the same camp in summer of 2010. This was just my first experience with camp, by the time I graduated high school I'd attended 4 more camps and served as a junior counselor twice for one. Oh yeah none of those involved archery either, just more leadership building.

Other firsts I experienced during this:
first time to play a game of Monopoly all the way through
first time to wear shower shoes
first time to do all my own laundry
first time to have my own cell phone
first time to fall in love with Oxford and Ole Miss

Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. It is amazing what camp can do for a kid's confidence. It's like a bubble of safety from bullying! Everyone is kind to one another, I just love love love that!

  2. that counselor is really cute!
    I wish I would have went to a camp or something when I was younger.

  3. oh man the good ol' camp days!! so much fun!!

  4. I giggle at crushes we all used to have in our younger days! Nothing like reminiscing on the good times. I'm visiting from the link up and just wanted to say hi :) Happy Weekend!

  5. That sounds like a super cool camp. But then, I'm kind of a nerd for American democracy, so I would have totally loved it!

  6. i loved this story! and monopoly really does take SUCH a long time to play

  7. Funny story: I believe that is Jack Smith. I am friends with his sister in law, Landon! If you can't find him on Facebook let me know!


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