Tuesday, May 13, 2014

#TrendingTuesday : Monograms vs. Initials

One of my favorite bloggers, Zelle of A Southern Style cohosts this really fun linkup every Tuesday called Trending Tuesday. The rules are simple, you write a post about anything that's trending - fashion, movies, celebrities, news, etc - and then you link up your post. Link ups are one of my favorite parts about blogging because they're a great way to discover new blogs that are usually similar to your own. So I'm so excited to join this new fun linkup today!

Today I'm talking about monograms and initials. I remember my very first LL Bean backpack in elementary school has pink with my initials in silver. I thought I was so cool, until I walked into class and had the exact same one. Boy were we glad to have our initials on them to tell them all apart. My favorite school supply ever was a pink seersucker lunch box with my monogram on top. Clearly I've been a fan of this trend for a long time.

Monograms are so popular right now, and really seem to be the "it" addition to any and every item. They've always been trendy in the South and now the obsession seems to be spreading to the rest of the country. But lately I've seen people misusing the term and they have no idea. Since I don't foresee this trend going anywhere anytime soon I want to set you straight.

Monograms feature the last initial larger in the center with the first initial on the left and the middle initial on the right.

Initials are all the same size and go in order; first, middle, last.

Both are cute options to add a personal touch to items. I personally prefer my monogram to my initials because HEG is a little too close to "hag" or "hog" for my liking. But when the only option for personalization is initials, I suck it up and will be HEG instead of nothing.

Looking to add some monograms or initials to your life? This clutch personalized with your initials is so chic and trendy. This monogramed phone case would be a cute way to tell your iphone apart from all 8 million people with the same one. Stationary is one of the best items to personalize in my opinion; these, these, or these are all great picks. These monogram stickers are perfect for adding to your laptop, favorite travel cup, or car.

What do you think of this trend? Are monograms and initials here to stay or are they just a fad like gaucho pants?


  1. Everything is better with a monogram! Thanks for linking up with us :)


  2. love all the monogram looks too! thanks for linking up with us :)

    xo, A


  3. Monograms make things 100x better. We did monogrammed vino2go glasses for a bachelorette weekend recently and not only were they a hit, but it was super practical to have them monogrammed with 12 girls in the house!


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