Monday, June 30, 2014

June Goal Update?

So today I planned to do an update on my June goals, but then I realized that I'd never introduced my goal so an update really wouldn't make much sense. So today I'm going to introduce my June goal and tell you how great I did at achieving it. Yeah, so what if this is the last day of June, better late than never.

My June goal was nothing. I wanted this month to be all about me doing whatever I wanted to do whenever I wanted to do it. That meant no schedule, no plans, no goals. For lack of a better word June was a detox. When May ended I desperately needed a vacation, but unfortunately the real world doesn't come with a summer break. And really unfortunately for me my job doesn't even come with holidays or 3 day weekends. That means for the past almost 7 months I've consistently spent 42.5 hours at work. The 2 off days I have earned in my 7 months of employment are being saved for the wedding I'm in come December.

So what did I do during June? I slept more for one thing. I only set my alarm 3 days a week, allowing myself to sleep as late as I wanted on days I didn't have any where to be in the mornings. This simple little thing made a world of difference. I also didn't feel bad about eating whatever I wanted; I mean hello have you seen the junk food on my Instagram? I also read some, watched favorite movies, and spent time by the pool. I hung out with my sister; one of my favorite perks of living at home and something I don't take near enough advantage of. Growing up 6.5 years seemed like a huge age gap, and in some ways it still is. But now she's to the point where we can do more things together, like go shopping or watch Andi try to find true as the Bachelorette. She's 16 and hopefully I'll move away before she does, but regardless in 2 years she'll be heading off to college and I won't get to see her as much.

And so that's why this is only my 8th post of the month. Blogging took a back seat for awhile. But I'm feeling good and refreshed and ready to tackle July. So June gets all $50 added to my "Me Jar" plus $30 from my May goals that you don't know about because I never wrote that May goal update post this month.

Bringing my total to $220

Check back tomorrow to see my July Goals!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

homemade baked mozzarella bites

Okay so this post wasn't sitting in my drafts folder, but it is about food. And it's obvious how much food plays a part in what I think I want to write about. I do currently have 5 other posts about food sitting my drafts folder. So while this post isn't technically part of my drafts folder cleaning it's close enough to count. And like I always say; this is my blog and I do what I want. Okay so now to today's post.

To say I love mozzarella sticks would be an understatement. Of all the fried foods in the world they're my favorite. I mean what's not to love about gooey fried cheese? I'll tell you, absolutely nothing. But running out to Sonic every day to get my cheese stick fix is expensive. In an effort to be a grownup on a budget I decided I'd give it a try making them myself. And because I'm such a big healthy eating advocate I decided I'd make them healthy and bake them instead of fry them. Actually that's a lie and one glimpse of my Instagram account will prove it. The truth is I'm deathly afraid of setting the house on fire and refuse to fry anything, but of all my fears this is the best one for my waistline.

These baked mozzarella bites were super simple to make and tasted pretty darn good. Not as good as my favorite ones from Sonic, but for sure a good alternative that I'll make again.

In 3 separate small bowls pour flour, milk, and Italian bread crumbs (I added a little parmesan cheese and extra garlic salt to mine but you could leave those out). Next slice your mozzarella cheese; slice it on the thicker side because as it cooks it will melt and thin out some. You could also use the mozzarella sting cheese, but I used fresh because it was on sale at my grocery store.  

take your first cheese slice and coat it in the flour

then the milk

and finally the bread crumbs

place them on a lined baking sheet and bake on 375 for about 7 minutes. That's all you have to do! Seriously so simple and delicious! 

Some helpful tips that I'll probably use the next time I make these
1. preslice your cheese and place in the freezer for about 30 minutes prior to baking. This will help the cheese to keep it's shape
2. double coat the mozzarella bites - repeat steps 2 - 4. This will give your mozzarella bites a thicker crust

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

7 reasons why the fanny pack is a trend to bring back

Here we are at day 2 of my drafts folder cleaning. I'm super excited about today's topic, and judging by y'alls comments you are too: Fanny Packs!

Back in college when I was in charge of the marketing for my sorority I made the fabulous decision that we all needed matching fanny packs as a little work week treat. That was one of the best decisions I made in that office and I love that I still see the girls wearing them today. I loved that fanny pack so much I worked it into just about every costume I wore for an event senior year.

Bid Day senior year rocking our fanny packs waiting for our babies to run home down the hill

Like most good things fanny packs invoke some pretty strong emotions in people. Clearly I L.O.V.E. them. Seriously nothing would make me happier about the fashion world than to see an entire show at the next NYFW where every model is wearing a fanny pack. I don't know what happened between the 90s and today that turned this totally practical fashion statement into something seen as only for your grandma to wear. Think back to your youth and I bet you can think of a time you wore a fanny pack and had a pretty fabulous time. Fanny packs are awesome and today I want to share why this is one trend that needs to come back into style!

Reasons the Fanny Pack is a trend we should bring back
1. you never have to worry about leaving it somewhere
2. no more worry about how a heavy purse is bad for your back
3. easy access to all your things
4. leaves your arms free to carry more important things like alcoholic beverages 
5. less expensive than designer bags
6. wearing one says "I'm here to have a good time"
7. wearing one also says "I don't take myself too seriously" 

Senior year of college dressed up for an "when I grow up" themed party. My costume was "retired" 

What are your feelings on fanny packs? And if you don't like them you can just keep your dumb opinions to your self

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Monday, June 23, 2014

15 great karaoke songs

Last week I shared some of my embarrassing brilliant post ideas sitting in my drafts folder. I was absolutely floored by how many of you thought that some of them maybe weren't the worst ideas in blogging history. So this week I thought it'd be fun to try and actually finish a few of those ideas. Kinda like a spring cleaning of my drafts folder, except this is summer. And hopefully I'll break from the habit I've been forming this month and post more than a couple of times this week.

So first up on this draft folder cleaning is the subject of Karaoke. Now I don't know about you, but I love a good karaoke night. Seriously I will do it 100% sober and still have fun. But I'm not going to lie doing it with a drink in my hand with a group of my girlfriends on stage with me is way more fun. Whenever I think of karaoke I think of this super sketchy little Mexican place in my college town that had karaoke every Thursday night. They didn't even pretend to ID, so they lost their liquor license All. The. Time., and it was always rumored that they made their margs with Everclear. It was the place to go freshmen year, and occasionally as a sophomore when you wanted to pretend to be an irresponsible freshman again, but never after that. The Westboro Baptist church protested our "idolization of football as portrayed by the movie the Blind Side" outside of if one year. I don't know a single person in my class who doesn't have a crazy story about something that happened there; it was that type of place and it was fabulous.

So maybe you don't have a super sketchy Everclear margarita serving place to sing karaoke, but chances are there's a dive bar in your town that has karaoke every week. If you've never done karaoke you seriously need to give it a try. And don't even try to use the excuse that "I can't sing" because that's half the point of karaoke. If you're an actual good singer and know it, you really have no business doing karaoke with the rest of us. The key to a great karaoke song is it has to be fun, nobody wants to listen to you get up there and sing something slow and boring that'll put them to sleep. It's also a good idea to not pick something super obscure, even if it's your very favorite song of all time. In an effort to save you from feeling like the Zetas in the House Bunny I've provided a list of 15 great karaoke song options for you.

female karaoke songs, southern blogs, mississippi blogs, female bloggers,

So grab your girlfriends and a couple of drinks and go release your inner Sasha Fierce!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

total social linkup : my 9-5

Venus Trapped in Mars

So this month's Total Social linkup theme is 9-5. We're supposed to share what we do everyday when we're not blogging. Are you a full time mom, student, work, whatever it is you spend your 40 hours a week doing to take up your time while you're not be a blogger. Because this is my blog and I do what I want I'm not going to talk about my job. I've mentioned before that I work in casino marketing, which a strange thing that deserves it's own well thought out post. A well thought out post that just simply isn't going to come 5 hours before this post is set to go live. So rest assured I will one day dedicate a post to exactly what I do to make my bank account sing every other week until it cries from being sucked dry from my online shopping habit.  Instead today I'm going to talk about my schedule, which is an equally strange thing.

This is actually a really hard topic for me because I don't do the same thing any day from 9-5. Yes I work a full time job, but never once are my hours 9-5. My work hours are more like 5:30-2am or 2-10:30pm or on my lucky days 10-6:30pm. So I don't work the same time every day which means my life pattern is seriously thrown off. When I'm working until 2 am I try and sleep until at least 10:30 or else I'll be beyond exhausted by the time I get to head home. As you can imagine this is a problem because then some days I have to be at work before that. My body simply doesn't know when to be asleep and when to be awake. My eating schedule is also seriously messed up. I take my "lunch break" (yes we call it that even when working at night) halfway through my work day, that means when I work early I eat lunch around 2pm and when I work late I eat dinner around 9:30. When I'm not at work I like to eat lunch around noon and dinner at about 7. Oh and did I mention I work every weekend, because I do. I haven't had a Saturday off since November 30, 2013 - insert crying emoji face- Casinos never close so people literally work there 24/7, and don't even think about trying to get a holiday off because those are our most popular days. 

So if I'm not working while the rest of the world is, what am I doing you ask? Well really whatever I want. Monday through Thursday 9-5 I act like I'm back in college with zero responsibilities. I watch a lot of TV and do a lot of reading mixed in with some napping and currently lounging out by the pool. While it seriously sucks having to go into work on Saturday mornings it's equally enjoyable to go shopping in an empty mall on Tuesday afternoons. I miss all my TV shows the first time they come on so I DVR them to watch the next day skipping through the commercials. I also get to take advantage of during the week lunch specials at restaurants which is nice. As you know I live with my parents, but because of my strange schedule sometimes I'll go days without seeing anyone else who lives in my house. It's not unusual to wave to my dad as he's pulling into our neighborhood after work and I'm leaving it heading to work. I think this little detail has been key to my ability to live at home this long.

Things not so great about my schedule? The aforementioned wacked out sleeping and eating patterns. Lack of a social life, after college not many other people can go out on Sunday nights. Not being able to go to church with my family on Sunday mornings ( I have to go later at night alone).

I know I'm not the only person to experience these problems, nurses deal with the same issues. So I'd love to hear from anyone who works a similar odd schedule job about how you make it work for you. I've been doing this for a little over 6 months and I still haven't really fully adjusted.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

8 posts sitting in my drafts folder

I want to start off by giving credit where it's due. The other day I was sitting down to do my daily blog reading just going down my bloglovin' feed marking boring looking posts as read (come on, you know you do it too) and reading the rest. I got to Friday Morning Buzz and obviously had to read it because it's one of my favorite daily reads. I've got a bit of a blog crush on this girl, and I think it's because when I started reading her she was a journalist and only lived like an hour away. Then she went through a job search (you know at the same time I was going through mine) and now she does PR and lives in Florida and I'm still slightly obsessed and want to be her in a total noncreepy way. Basically what I'm trying to say is I stole this idea from Tami's post and if you don't already read her blog, you should.

The Drafts Folder. Every blogger has one, and I'd like to think they're all as embarrassing as mine. You're sitting at your computer and have this wonderful bright shiny idea for a future post so you write it down, except over time your "best blog post ever" idea turns more icky than a penny sitting on the floor of a men's bathroom in a football stadium. Today I've decided to swallow my pride and share a list of a few of these with you.

1. "The Best Karaoke Songs" - this is not to be confused with the other similarly titled draft post "karaoke." Clearly this is a topic where I think my readers will benefit from what I have to say.
2. Five different posts about food - I guess I spend too much time blogging while I'm hungry? There are posts about both foods I love and ones I hate, even one about foods I'd like to try before I die
3. "Fanny Packs" - Warning: this post is actually going to happen. Be on the lookout for it, potentially next week
4. "Resting Bitch Face" - if you're one of the girls who suffers from this you understand my struggle. I think I planned to make this a funny post about times I'm actually thankful for this curse
5. "A letter to my Ex-potential employer" - this was a post written out of anger and frustration a year ago during my initial job search journey. I'd like to work on this one and publish it down the road because I think my frustrations were very relatable.
6. "an ode to the nap" - One of two things must have happened when I had this idea. I either A. had just woken up from a nap or B. desperately needed to take one
7. "A letter to my future husband" - this idea came from one of those "blog every day this month" challenges, which I clearly didn't complete since this post is still sitting in my drafts months later. But it's a good topic so maybe I'll finish writing it one day.
8. "I'm a nerd" - that's all this post says, no additional information to hint where I was going with this idea. Honestly this could have potentially been about so many things I'll probably never figure it out and eventually delete it.

What embarrassing posts are in your drafts folder?

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Because I'm happy

Hey there friends! I'm embarrassed it's been a week since I last posted over here. I ended May in a kinda funk and just couldn't seem to shake it through the first week of June, but I think I'm finally starting to feel more like myself again. It sounds silly but what really helped do the trick was the other night standing in my kitchen baking cookies while listening to George Strait Pandora. This simple little thing instantly lightened my mood and made me really happy for the first time in weeks. This got me to thinking about other simple little things that make me happy and I realized there were actually a lot of things. So today I want to share a list of 10 little things that make me happy; I'd love if you'd leave a comment and tell me something simple that brings a smile to your face.

1. hitting all the green lights
2. sitting at home in my favorite chair reading a book
3. falling asleep to the sound of rain
4. having a good hair day
5. turning on the radio right as your favorite song is starting
6. chips and queso
7. Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family
8. when the shoes you've been wanting for weeks go on sale
9. receiving mail
10. the color pink

PS: I'm guest posting over on Southern Finesse today while Elizabeth is away at the beach. Pop on over to check out my ultimate kick butt beach playlist!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Trending Tuesday : reasons you should vote

The most popular news story currently in the state of Mississippi is that of our elections today. This cycle we'll be electing a US Senator to head to Washington and represent us for the next 6 years. If you're not from Mississippi you probably have no idea what a big deal this election has turned into during the past few months. Our 7 term incumbent is being challenged by a state senator with endorsements from big national political names. Add to that inappropriate quotes from an old radio show, an "affair" scandal, on-going criminal investigation, and endless robo calls and commercials. Seriously this thing has the makings of an HBO movie to rival Game Change; we're just one punch to a baby's face away from The Campaign. Oh and did I mention this is just for the primary? Yes, that's right both these candidates are seeking the Republican nomination. I assume there is a Democratic Party primary, but honestly I've not seen one advertisement for one of those candidates. Plus my Congressional district has a pretty heated race for Representative, just to add to the excitement.

Politics have fascinated me ever since the hanging chads of Bush Gore 2000; I was in 4th grade and thought it was the most interesting thing. Later that spring my family visited DC and toured the White House and Capitol (thanks to the office of this same incumbent) and my obsession began. I almost majored in political science, settling for a minor instead when people kept trying to talk to me about law school. There was a month during spring semester my sophomore year where I spent my free time drawing Congressional districts for fun. What I'm trying to say is despite all the unusual craziness of this election, I'm really excited to vote because to me it's one of the most important things I'll ever do. Sadly, I realize that's not the case with most 22 year olds. Young people get a lot less excited about practicing this right when there's no MTV star in your face telling you to "Rock the Vote."

So today I've prepared a list to share of reasons why you should always vote

1. It's what our country was founded on
2. There are men and women serving in uniform every day to protect this right
3. If you don't vote, you can't complain about what our elected officials do
4. It'll give you a great sense of American pride
5. Having your candidate win is like having your favorite team win; it's exciting
6. It's free and usually takes very little time
7. You'll get a cool "I voted sticker"

So the next time you have a local election I hope you'll take the time to go cast your ballot. I'm not going to tell you who to vote for or what party to join; I just want you to let your voice be heard. But PS if you're a Mississippi voter and don't know who to vote for today just email me and I'll let you know who the smart choice is for our state.