Monday, June 23, 2014

15 great karaoke songs

Last week I shared some of my embarrassing brilliant post ideas sitting in my drafts folder. I was absolutely floored by how many of you thought that some of them maybe weren't the worst ideas in blogging history. So this week I thought it'd be fun to try and actually finish a few of those ideas. Kinda like a spring cleaning of my drafts folder, except this is summer. And hopefully I'll break from the habit I've been forming this month and post more than a couple of times this week.

So first up on this draft folder cleaning is the subject of Karaoke. Now I don't know about you, but I love a good karaoke night. Seriously I will do it 100% sober and still have fun. But I'm not going to lie doing it with a drink in my hand with a group of my girlfriends on stage with me is way more fun. Whenever I think of karaoke I think of this super sketchy little Mexican place in my college town that had karaoke every Thursday night. They didn't even pretend to ID, so they lost their liquor license All. The. Time., and it was always rumored that they made their margs with Everclear. It was the place to go freshmen year, and occasionally as a sophomore when you wanted to pretend to be an irresponsible freshman again, but never after that. The Westboro Baptist church protested our "idolization of football as portrayed by the movie the Blind Side" outside of if one year. I don't know a single person in my class who doesn't have a crazy story about something that happened there; it was that type of place and it was fabulous.

So maybe you don't have a super sketchy Everclear margarita serving place to sing karaoke, but chances are there's a dive bar in your town that has karaoke every week. If you've never done karaoke you seriously need to give it a try. And don't even try to use the excuse that "I can't sing" because that's half the point of karaoke. If you're an actual good singer and know it, you really have no business doing karaoke with the rest of us. The key to a great karaoke song is it has to be fun, nobody wants to listen to you get up there and sing something slow and boring that'll put them to sleep. It's also a good idea to not pick something super obscure, even if it's your very favorite song of all time. In an effort to save you from feeling like the Zetas in the House Bunny I've provided a list of 15 great karaoke song options for you.

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So grab your girlfriends and a couple of drinks and go release your inner Sasha Fierce!


  1. Love this list! This is probably my #1 reason for not singing karaoke. I always want to sing something obscure but I know I'd put everyone to sleep. Not to mention my terrible vocals...

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