Thursday, June 26, 2014

homemade baked mozzarella bites

Okay so this post wasn't sitting in my drafts folder, but it is about food. And it's obvious how much food plays a part in what I think I want to write about. I do currently have 5 other posts about food sitting my drafts folder. So while this post isn't technically part of my drafts folder cleaning it's close enough to count. And like I always say; this is my blog and I do what I want. Okay so now to today's post.

To say I love mozzarella sticks would be an understatement. Of all the fried foods in the world they're my favorite. I mean what's not to love about gooey fried cheese? I'll tell you, absolutely nothing. But running out to Sonic every day to get my cheese stick fix is expensive. In an effort to be a grownup on a budget I decided I'd give it a try making them myself. And because I'm such a big healthy eating advocate I decided I'd make them healthy and bake them instead of fry them. Actually that's a lie and one glimpse of my Instagram account will prove it. The truth is I'm deathly afraid of setting the house on fire and refuse to fry anything, but of all my fears this is the best one for my waistline.

These baked mozzarella bites were super simple to make and tasted pretty darn good. Not as good as my favorite ones from Sonic, but for sure a good alternative that I'll make again.

In 3 separate small bowls pour flour, milk, and Italian bread crumbs (I added a little parmesan cheese and extra garlic salt to mine but you could leave those out). Next slice your mozzarella cheese; slice it on the thicker side because as it cooks it will melt and thin out some. You could also use the mozzarella sting cheese, but I used fresh because it was on sale at my grocery store.  

take your first cheese slice and coat it in the flour

then the milk

and finally the bread crumbs

place them on a lined baking sheet and bake on 375 for about 7 minutes. That's all you have to do! Seriously so simple and delicious! 

Some helpful tips that I'll probably use the next time I make these
1. preslice your cheese and place in the freezer for about 30 minutes prior to baking. This will help the cheese to keep it's shape
2. double coat the mozzarella bites - repeat steps 2 - 4. This will give your mozzarella bites a thicker crust

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