Monday, June 30, 2014

June Goal Update?

So today I planned to do an update on my June goals, but then I realized that I'd never introduced my goal so an update really wouldn't make much sense. So today I'm going to introduce my June goal and tell you how great I did at achieving it. Yeah, so what if this is the last day of June, better late than never.

My June goal was nothing. I wanted this month to be all about me doing whatever I wanted to do whenever I wanted to do it. That meant no schedule, no plans, no goals. For lack of a better word June was a detox. When May ended I desperately needed a vacation, but unfortunately the real world doesn't come with a summer break. And really unfortunately for me my job doesn't even come with holidays or 3 day weekends. That means for the past almost 7 months I've consistently spent 42.5 hours at work. The 2 off days I have earned in my 7 months of employment are being saved for the wedding I'm in come December.

So what did I do during June? I slept more for one thing. I only set my alarm 3 days a week, allowing myself to sleep as late as I wanted on days I didn't have any where to be in the mornings. This simple little thing made a world of difference. I also didn't feel bad about eating whatever I wanted; I mean hello have you seen the junk food on my Instagram? I also read some, watched favorite movies, and spent time by the pool. I hung out with my sister; one of my favorite perks of living at home and something I don't take near enough advantage of. Growing up 6.5 years seemed like a huge age gap, and in some ways it still is. But now she's to the point where we can do more things together, like go shopping or watch Andi try to find true as the Bachelorette. She's 16 and hopefully I'll move away before she does, but regardless in 2 years she'll be heading off to college and I won't get to see her as much.

And so that's why this is only my 8th post of the month. Blogging took a back seat for awhile. But I'm feeling good and refreshed and ready to tackle July. So June gets all $50 added to my "Me Jar" plus $30 from my May goals that you don't know about because I never wrote that May goal update post this month.

Bringing my total to $220

Check back tomorrow to see my July Goals!

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