Wednesday, June 18, 2014

total social linkup : my 9-5

Venus Trapped in Mars

So this month's Total Social linkup theme is 9-5. We're supposed to share what we do everyday when we're not blogging. Are you a full time mom, student, work, whatever it is you spend your 40 hours a week doing to take up your time while you're not be a blogger. Because this is my blog and I do what I want I'm not going to talk about my job. I've mentioned before that I work in casino marketing, which a strange thing that deserves it's own well thought out post. A well thought out post that just simply isn't going to come 5 hours before this post is set to go live. So rest assured I will one day dedicate a post to exactly what I do to make my bank account sing every other week until it cries from being sucked dry from my online shopping habit.  Instead today I'm going to talk about my schedule, which is an equally strange thing.

This is actually a really hard topic for me because I don't do the same thing any day from 9-5. Yes I work a full time job, but never once are my hours 9-5. My work hours are more like 5:30-2am or 2-10:30pm or on my lucky days 10-6:30pm. So I don't work the same time every day which means my life pattern is seriously thrown off. When I'm working until 2 am I try and sleep until at least 10:30 or else I'll be beyond exhausted by the time I get to head home. As you can imagine this is a problem because then some days I have to be at work before that. My body simply doesn't know when to be asleep and when to be awake. My eating schedule is also seriously messed up. I take my "lunch break" (yes we call it that even when working at night) halfway through my work day, that means when I work early I eat lunch around 2pm and when I work late I eat dinner around 9:30. When I'm not at work I like to eat lunch around noon and dinner at about 7. Oh and did I mention I work every weekend, because I do. I haven't had a Saturday off since November 30, 2013 - insert crying emoji face- Casinos never close so people literally work there 24/7, and don't even think about trying to get a holiday off because those are our most popular days. 

So if I'm not working while the rest of the world is, what am I doing you ask? Well really whatever I want. Monday through Thursday 9-5 I act like I'm back in college with zero responsibilities. I watch a lot of TV and do a lot of reading mixed in with some napping and currently lounging out by the pool. While it seriously sucks having to go into work on Saturday mornings it's equally enjoyable to go shopping in an empty mall on Tuesday afternoons. I miss all my TV shows the first time they come on so I DVR them to watch the next day skipping through the commercials. I also get to take advantage of during the week lunch specials at restaurants which is nice. As you know I live with my parents, but because of my strange schedule sometimes I'll go days without seeing anyone else who lives in my house. It's not unusual to wave to my dad as he's pulling into our neighborhood after work and I'm leaving it heading to work. I think this little detail has been key to my ability to live at home this long.

Things not so great about my schedule? The aforementioned wacked out sleeping and eating patterns. Lack of a social life, after college not many other people can go out on Sunday nights. Not being able to go to church with my family on Sunday mornings ( I have to go later at night alone).

I know I'm not the only person to experience these problems, nurses deal with the same issues. So I'd love to hear from anyone who works a similar odd schedule job about how you make it work for you. I've been doing this for a little over 6 months and I still haven't really fully adjusted.


  1. your schedule is crazy! but I bet that can be fun sometimes!

  2. such a great idea for a post, it's so interesting to see what others do all day!

    Rachel @

  3. It would be hard to have such a crazy schedule! I will say though, we usually eat at 2 and 9, but that's mostly because both my husband and I are night owls (and work from home some days, so we can be flexible).


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