Thursday, July 31, 2014

Birthday recap + a giveaway!

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday and honestly it was kinda a bummer. I had to work that night so I couldn't really do any celebrating. My family took me to lunch and my mom baked some cupcakes, but that's it. Plus my grandmother died last week and her funeral was Tuesday. I thought about writing a post about it, but ultimately decided maybe people would take it the wrong way, especially when my main thought was "What do you do with a dead woman's birthday cake? Eat it or dump it?" So needless to say I wasn't really in a celebration mood despite everyone's best attempts at cheering me up.

But I decided that was no way to start my next year and I needed to get out of this funk. So I made a couple of Bauble Bar purchases, painted my nails, and decided today was a great day to host my next giveaway! Originally I'd been planning on using this for an end of summer giveaway, but I think my birthday might be a better occasion. This is the perfect way to end my month of others.

What you'll win:
Pocket mirror
Pineapple print coin purse with key ring
Bauble Bar earrings - similar but these are tortoise
Glitter nail polish
"Happy Every Hour" photo block

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

23 things I want for my birthday

Last week I featured my birthday wish list board, but let's be real, birthdays deserve more than just one post. In honor of my 23rd birthday being tomorrow, today I'm sharing 23 other things I'd love for my birthday. We'll call this my 23rd birthday ultimate wish list. As you'll see most of these are a little bit unrealistic, but if you could make any of these a reality hit up this almost birthday girl.


1. a pair of Manolo Blahniks
2. a date with Prince Harry
3. a radio station filed with only my favorite songs
4. the ability to speak another language
5. a hot air ballon ride
6. perfect hair that is effortlessly styled
7. to know what happened to Amelia Earhart
8. perfect 20 20 vision
9. a cure for cancer
10. a walk on the moon
11. the ability to draw a straight line without a ruler
12. "Happy Birthday" serenade by George Strait
13. lunch with Laura Bush
14. the ability to move objects with my mind
15. an understanding of geometry
16. peace in the Middle East
17. a ride on an elephant
18. the recipe for perfect restaurant style queso
19. the ability to redo the day with my biggest regret
20. the money to go back and get a second bachelor's degree
21. coffee with Hillary Clinton
22. a complete collection of Mary-Kate and Ashley movies
23. a polar bear

Monday, July 28, 2014

Stock the Bar Shower

I may have mentioned it before, but I'm in a friend's wedding later this year. It's actually my little sister from my sorority. A couple of her childhood best friends are throwing her a "Stock the Bar " shower in a few weeks, and I'm so excited because it's the first shower. If you've never heard of a "Stock the Bar" shower before you need to come out from under the rock where you've been living , they are seriously the cutest idea. It's a co-ed shower for the couple where everyone brings things to stock their home bar. So obviously you bring some kind of alcohol, but you also bring something extra. This can be a little tricky because unlike traditional showers, you aren't shopping from a registry of items you know the couple wants. But this little challenge can also mean more fun because you have the extra freedom to shop where you want to shop. Plus let's be real, who doesn't love buying bar accessories.

I've put together a little assortment of items that I think would be great to bring if you're invited to one of these showers. Have you ever been to a Stock the Bar shower? What'd you bring?

side note: when I went to the liquor store to buy part of the gift the guy working told me I was too pretty to drink Jose Cuervo. Should I have been offended that he thinks I have terrible taste or flattered that he thought I was pretty? I was too thrown off by his comment to ask him plus it was about to storm and I needed to get back to my car before I had to figure out how to hold an umbrella and 2 paper bags full of alcohol. He was kinda cute though so I guess I'll just have to go back and ask next time.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Five

It's a summer miracle! 5 posts in a week for the first time in forever

1. Have you seen this article about what we post on Instagram vs. what actually happened? I think it's something all of us in the blogging community can relate to and if you say you can't, you're lying. If you scroll through my phone camera you'll see dozens of the same picture each just slightly at a different angle, evidence of my trying to take the perfect picture to capture the most "likes." I'd love to see some university do research on the types of angles/which filters lead to the most likes, that would actually be some useful information
Allison's take on it and Rachel's take on it are also good reads I suggest.

2. This might just be the most random item I've ever included in a Friday Five post, but I promise it's worth it. Go watch this Ted Talk video. I'm not going to tell you what it's about because you'll think I'm weird, but seriously everyone should watch it. My brother made me watch it the other day and I thought he was crazy, then I tried the tips yesterday at work and was amazed it worked. Serious life changer right here.

3. Have you ever heard of the Cart Wheel app for your phone? It's basically this free app for discounts from Target. You download it to your phone and then scan the barcodes of the items you're going to buy and it'll tell you if there is a special discount on them. You then save all the items you're buying and show the specialized discount barcode on your phone when you pay. I used it the other day and saved over $10 that I wouldn't have if I hadn't used the app. Make sure you scan everything because random things will be on sale, like the Target brand $1 bags of candy were 5% off.

4. Speaking of saving money, I recently decided I want to save $3000 between now and the end of the year. That would give me a comfortable amount in my savings account that I could put towards a new car or save for when I eventually move out on my own a rainy day. I know there are tons of great savings calendars out there, but I can't find one for this. Anyone have a really great one they love and would recommend? It's okay if it's not exactly for the same amount/time I can tweak a good one a little bit.

5. As if I could make my song of the week anything else

Linked up with Whitney and Lauren 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

my life in numbers

So I had a really great post planned for today, but then I decided to paint my nails so I couldn't properly stage my photos without smudging my polish. Sorry ladies but my nails had to take priority, hopefully I'll get that post up sometime next week but no promises. So instead I decided to try something a little different that didn't require me uploading any of my own photos. I recently saw a few posts like this and thought they were really cute and thought how I should give it a try sometime. I think they're such a great way to get to know a little bit more about a blogger. And if you absolutely hate posts like this well then stop reading my blog. LOL JK! Don't do that! But do leave me a comment with the type of posts you love to read or the types of posts you love to write when you're short on time


0 : the number of items I own in a pineapple print
6 : the number of pearl necklaces I own
8: the number of weeks I've had my current book checked out from the library
15 : the number of consecutive days I've listened to Taylor Swift's 22 on repeat in my car
29 : the number of bottles of nail polish I own
34: the number of weeks it's been since I had a Saturday off work
86: the number of Instagram followers I have
249 : the number of days since I was last in Oxford
1003 : the number of unread posts sitting in my Bloglovin feed
2514 : the number of pins on my Pinterest boards

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

my birthday wish list

So I turn 23 in exactly 1 week. I seriously don't know how July has flown by so quickly and my birthday has snuck up on me. Maybe it's just me, but the older I get the harder it is to make a list of things I want for my birthday. This year that has been especially true. I guess it's the fact that this is the first time I've really had my own money to spend however I want so when I see something I want I usually just buy it. And yes, I know that's a terrible habit. I was trying to be responsible good and not buy a lot leading up to my birthday so I'd have a lot of choices of things to ask for, and I was doing really well up until this past weekend when the shopping bug bit me hard. Luckily there are still a few items on my wish list so mom and dad can have something to give me.

By the looks of this list 23 is going to be the year of the bag, so y'all can just start calling me the bag lady. All these items are under $100, the most is about $70, so they're great items if you're looking to treat yourself to something pretty or you know if you want to send your favorite Mississippi blogger a birthday gift.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

9 questions that Google can't answer

I have a ton of questions in life. Luckily for most people I don't voice these questions out loud half as often as I have them. I never wanted to be "that girl" that asked a question and kept the whole class waiting when the professor announced that class was over if nobody had any questions. Thankfully I've grown up in an age where I can pretty much Google just about any question I have, such as "what's 30% off of $23?" or "How do I convert cups to quarts?" or even "What year did Teddy Roosevelt become president?" Google has helped me get to where I am in life today. I owe a lot to that little search engine. But sometimes even Google gets stumped.


Today I'm sharing 9 questions that Google can't answer for me. These are my 9 "Hmmm?" moments

1. Why does it cost money to put air in my tires?
2. Why don't waitresses get paid a normal wage instead of having to depend on tips?
3. What continent is Central America part of, North or South America?
4. Why did they cancel Gilmore Girls?
5. Why hasn't E! offered to make my life a reality show, yet the Kardashians keeps getting spin offs?
6. How is it 2014 and we still don't have a cure to the common cold?
7. Why do people make Ole Miss "black bear" jokes but nobody makes a Bama "elephants" joke
8. Why hasn't somebody invented removable windshield wipers for glasses?
9. Which is better, McAlister's sweet tea or Newks sweet tea?


PS: Also linking up with Erica today for listed Tuesday

Monday, July 21, 2014

would you rather?

Remember this post where I played would you rather? Well today I'm relapsing and playing one of my favorite games with y'all again. This time the questions come from the Blog Everyday in July girls.


1. Blind or Deaf?
deaf. I'd actually have an excuse to really learn sign language, something I've always wanted to do

2. Taller or Shorter?
taller. I'm barely 5'1 so shorter really wouldn't be fun. I've always thought being 5'3 would be ideal

3. Teenager or Senior Citizen forever?
senior citizen. Being able to be retired forever? Yes please! Where do I sign up?

4. No Hands or No Legs?
no legs. I feel like they're better at making prosthetic legs than they are hands

5. Eat a Worm or a Cockroach?
cockroach. You could cover it in enough chocolate and it might not be terrible, don't they eat grasshoppers that way?

6. Sahara or North Pole?
north pole. Because polar bears, duh

7. Personal Chef or Driver?
chef. I absolutely love driving I'd never want to give that up. Ideally I'd really love to have my own personal hair washer/ blow dryer

8. Always Whisper or Shout?
whisper. Shouting all the time would give you a permanent sore throat

9. No Front Teeth or Eyebrows?
eyebrows. I'd just grow my bangs long and hope nobody noticed

10. Wipe with Sandpaper or Saran Wrap?
saran wrap. even the thought of sandpaper hurts

Yes I know this post is the topic from yesterday, but better late than never. Today they're talking about gifs and well I still don't 100% understand how to use those in a post

Thursday, July 17, 2014

favorite blog posts : Total Social Link-up

Yesterday I featured some of my other favorite bloggers, so today I'm bragging on myself a little and talking about myself. This is a post I've actually been wanting to write for awhile so when I saw it was the topic for this month's total social link-up with Helene and Sarah I was so excited! The topic is technically just "favorites" so you could write about anything that's your favorite, but I decided to write about a collection of my favorite blog posts I've written. As I said yesterday I have a hard time picking favorites so narrowing 231 posts down to just 5 favorites was really tough.

Venus Trapped in Mars

5 ways to feel more put together - simple, easy, fast tips that I use all the time

Why I'm actually the worst blogger of all time - What? A blogger talking about blogging? That never happens; so weird

My Dream Husband - talking about the 3 traits my future husband must have. If anyone knows any single men between the ages of 23 and 28 that fit this description send him my way. Bonus points if he has dark hair

Alternative Olympic Sports - I may not be traditionally athletic but I would for sure bring home the gold for Team USA in these events

Things that really bother me - because sometimes complaining is good for the soul

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

3 favorite blogs

So today's blog everyday in July topic is your top 3 favorite blogs. At first I was going to skip this one because I have a really hard time with favorites. I love so many things that picking just one or two or three to be my "favorite" is just sometimes honestly too hard for me. Plus I don't like to hurt anyone's feelings by not picking them. But then I decided that this was actually a perfect way to fulfill one of my July goals: promote other bloggers.

So today I'm sharing 3 blogs that I absolutely love and I think everyone should read and start loving too. I narrowed down my long list of favorite blogs to these 3 because they're ones that I don't think many of my readers already follow. I'll admit to being a creeper who likes to read the comment sections of blogs and I don't think I've seen many of my readers comment on any of these. Hopefully they'll turn into some of your favorites too!


Chronicles of Frivolity - Katey and Kristin, well now just Katey, seems like someone that I would absolutely want to be best friends with so we could hang out all the time. The blog is less than a year old but already has a large following. It covers fashion, decorating, and just living a fun life all written like your listening to your best friend or reading a group text from your sorority sisters. A couple of my favorite posts are this one talking about how to decorate your kitchen and this one with a great first date look.

The Laurel Gazette - Simply put I wish I could be just have as witty as Amanda. Her posts always make me giggle but not in an annoying that was overly trying to be funny way. The whole blog is pure genius of wit and humor without losing the element of being real.  One of my favorite posts is this one about how to get good gifts from men and I really want an excuse to try this pie recipe.

A Southern Style - This is one of the first blogs I started following last year when I decided to start seriously blogging regularly. Since then Zelle's blog has grown so much and it's been really cool to watch. She has seriously great style and THE cutest pup in the world. I love this post where she breaks down wedding dress codes and this one where she talks about 8 things every woman should have to be happy.

What blogs do you love? I'm always looking to add more to my Bloglovin feed

Monday, July 14, 2014

blog everyday in july - finish these sentences

I'm joining the blog everyday in July challenge again today, which is funny because I've been a horrible blogger this month. But I did warn y'all that I had zero plans of actually blogging everyday, because let's be real 31 posts in a row is a lot. Today's prompt is "Finish these sentences" which is really fun and makes writing a post easy so I decided to hop on this train for the day


When I open the fridge, I always hope I find... Some kind of delicious left over that mom or dad one of my house mates brought home from a restaurant. I don't know why but I seriously love left overs 

My favorite article of clothing is... currently jeans shorts I bought on sale at Gap. There's nothing special about them, I just love how versatile they are.  

Last week I was really pissed when... I still had dumb summer cold even after almost a week of antibiotics. I think I'm finally over it now though 

One thing nobody understands about me is... sometimes I just really like to be alone. I essentially get paid to talk to people all day and sometimes that's just exhausting. When I'm not working most the time I just want to sit in peace and quiet and will regularly ignore any texts/calls for the day

One thing I don't understand is... geometry. I'm pretty sure they pity passed me when I took it in high school because my family moved a lot that year and I went to 3 different high schools. I never got a single geometry question right on the ACT and it's a big reason why I never took the GRE 

The world would be a better place if... everyone was just kinder 

If I had a million dollars I'd... Put half in savings and quit my job and move somewhere else. I'd obviously look for a new job once I moved because at 22 a million dollars would not last me my whole life, but hopefully it'd give me the freedom to find something I'm passionate about instead of just accepting the first position offered to me. 

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be... more self confidence. I know I'm far from dumb or ugly but I seriously envy girls who can walk around always feeling like a million bucks or guys who just always "know" they're right

Something that can always make me happy is... going on a lunch date with my mom or hearing from an old favorite friend

Something I'll never blog about is... I really don't think there's anything that completely off limits. Obviously I don't want to go too much into detail about work or personal/relationship stuff but I kinda think it's impossible to be a lifestyle blogger without even touching on those

If I could go anywhere I would go... to Italy because... In my 8th grade computer class I did a report on Lake Como and ever since have thought of Italy as the most beautiful place. Plus I really like pasta 

If I were an animal I would be a.... teacup pig? I have no idea why, that's just the first animal that came to mind, but maybe because they're little and pink 

A job I've always wanted is... Astronaut or First Lady 

My idea of a perfect day is... Sleeping in until I wake up on my own, followed by a long brunch with friends and bottomless mimosas. Then curling up in an over sized chair for an afternoon of online shopping, blogging, and reading. It'd end with going to eat Mexican and coming home to watch a movie in bed. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Super Powers

One time I went to this camp where they accidentally put me in a class about super heros. There were only 4 other people in there and the counselor that was leading it was really nice so I felt too bad about pointing out the mistake and making them switch me. I'm pretty sure everyone in the class wished I'd asked to be switched out because it quickly became obvious I had zero knowledge of super heros and belonged in one of the many other classes.

We did do one really cool thing in the class though and that's create our own super heros. Mine was called The Pointer, and she was a ballerina (get it? like pointe shoes. Yeah I thought I was cleaver.) She wore a pink glittery tutu complete with a tiara and a wand. Essentially she was the type of super hero a 4 year old girl would dream up, which would have been totally normal except I was 12 years older than that. The only redeeming quality of my superhero in the eyes of my class was her super power. The Pointer could understand and speak all languages. This totally original super power was deemed "cool" enough that they over looked the fact that I was convinced the Green Lantern was a villain (he's actually a super hero too. Who knew?)

If I could have any super power now that'd be the one I would want. Maybe it's because even after 4.5 years of Spanish classes I still can't even order a meal in Spanish, but I have a serious desire to understand foreign languages. In my opinion it's a little rude that in so many other countries people speak multiple languages and here we struggle with proper English. I've never been out of the United States and part of the reason is because I don't want to go to a foreign country and have to stick to all the touristy things because I'm a "dumb American" who only understands English. I took French for one year in high school and was obsessed with it to the point where I would sometimes dream in French. I invested in some French songs for my ipod and could understand movies without the subtitles for the most part. I seriously regret not taking more classes in college.

I've always been interested in the ways people communicate whether it be a different regional dialect, completely foreign language, or something completely different like sign language. One of my very favorite classes I took in college was a beginning sign language class. It was so interesting and I seriously wish I'd had the opportunity to take more classes. I still remember enough to communicate at a basic level when we've had deaf guests come into work, which was such a cool experience.  Communication is such a basic thing for humans yet the ways we communicate are so completely different from one person to the next, and being able to understand all those ways would be the best super power.


This was the Blog Everyday in July topic for the 5th, but we all know there is about a zero percent chance  of me writing a post on a Saturday. So like I always say, this is my blog and I do what I want, and today I wanted to write about this topic a few days late.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Guilty Pleasures

Today I'm joining in the Blog Every Day in July challenge. Full disclosure I have 0 intentions of blogging everyday this month, but a lot of these topics are really fun and I do plan to participate when I feel like it.

So today's topic is guilty pleasures. I'm gonna be honest and say that I don't have a ton of guilty pleasures for the sole reason that I don't feel bad about how much I enjoy certain things. For instance, there are few things in life that bring me as much joy as chips and queso with a a big ole frozen margarita. But do I feel even slightly embarrassed by this? That would be a big fat NOPE. The same thing goes for my obsession with Ole Miss and the excitement I feel while online shopping. These are certainly pleasures but they aren't guilty. So after much thought I finally came up with 5 guilty pleasures I'm maybe just a little bit embarrassed by.

1. Miley Cyrus - I love Miley but for some reason a ton of people don't. But you know what, they're all wrong because some times you just need to belt out some Miley to get through the day.
2. chocolate covered gummy bears - these are hands down my favorite candy. Why should I have to pick chocolately or chewy when I can eat these and have both? A lot of people think these are gross though and again they're just wrong  so when someone asks me my favorite candy I usually just lie and say Twix
3. Fox News and CNN - I watch way more news than your normal 22. l like to pretend it's because I have a degree in journalism, but if I'm being honest my obsession started long before I even thought about taking a journalism class. And because I like getting the entire story and not just one side I like watching both channels.
4. Harry Potter marathons - Okay let's get one thing straight, Harry Potter is not a guilty pleasure. If you think a love of HP is wrong than I just don't think we can be friends. What is a guilty pleasure is how often I partake in movie marathons. If I see one of these movies is on tv I literally can't not watch it.
5. my snuggie - I got one from my parents as a joke a few years ago for Christmas and I'd be lying if I said its not one of the best gifts I've ever gotten. I use it almost daily, and usually blame it on the fact that "I couldn't find any normal blankets" But this is always a lie, there are always plenty of normal blankets, just none I love as much as my snuggie.

Okay so there are my 5 guilty pleasures. What are yours?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Goals

I want to start today's post by introducing y'all to Ashliegh. She blogs over at The Darling Daily and is the inspiration behind my goals this month. Today is her 23rd birthday and she's asking us all to join her in her #DarlingsPayItForward movement. The movement is all about spreading kindness, something I am all about. My sorority nationally celebrates our founder's birthday with a day of service. When I was an officer my chapter participated by all performing random acts of service through the day and documenting them on social media. It was so cool to see all the small ways that people were making a difference. I'm really excited to follow along with the #DarlingsPayItForward hashtag today and see how this blogging community will spread kindness. I really hope you'll join in and give Ashliegh a great birthday celebration!

I will also turn 23 this month and Ashliegh's generosity and kind heart inspired me to make this month less about me and more about others. You'll see this idea reflected in my July goals.

1. Leave an extra generous tip - I always tip, but this month I'm going to leave an extra generous one at least once. Summer usually sees higher gas prices and overall higher bills so I know it'll brighten someone's day to have a little extra in their tip
2. Donate to a charity - I did this a few months back but with so many great organizations there's always room to give more
3. Promote other bloggers - I think we as bloggers often get so wrapped up in promoting those who sponsor us that we sometimes forget to just promote other bloggers that we think are great. I know I'm not a big blogger with a huge following, but I think any bit of exposure is helpful and hopefully those I promote in little ways this month think so too.
4. 3 random acts of kindness - Ashliegh is doing 23 in one day so I think I can handle 3 throughout the month.
5. Donate the things I don't use - I have a closet full of clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry that is all perfectly nice yet I probably only use about half of it. I'm going to take all these nice things that I don't use and donate them to an organization where they'll be given to someone who will get more benefit from them than I currently am.