Tuesday, July 29, 2014

23 things I want for my birthday

Last week I featured my birthday wish list board, but let's be real, birthdays deserve more than just one post. In honor of my 23rd birthday being tomorrow, today I'm sharing 23 other things I'd love for my birthday. We'll call this my 23rd birthday ultimate wish list. As you'll see most of these are a little bit unrealistic, but if you could make any of these a reality hit up this almost birthday girl.


1. a pair of Manolo Blahniks
2. a date with Prince Harry
3. a radio station filed with only my favorite songs
4. the ability to speak another language
5. a hot air ballon ride
6. perfect hair that is effortlessly styled
7. to know what happened to Amelia Earhart
8. perfect 20 20 vision
9. a cure for cancer
10. a walk on the moon
11. the ability to draw a straight line without a ruler
12. "Happy Birthday" serenade by George Strait
13. lunch with Laura Bush
14. the ability to move objects with my mind
15. an understanding of geometry
16. peace in the Middle East
17. a ride on an elephant
18. the recipe for perfect restaurant style queso
19. the ability to redo the day with my biggest regret
20. the money to go back and get a second bachelor's degree
21. coffee with Hillary Clinton
22. a complete collection of Mary-Kate and Ashley movies
23. a polar bear

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