Wednesday, July 16, 2014

3 favorite blogs

So today's blog everyday in July topic is your top 3 favorite blogs. At first I was going to skip this one because I have a really hard time with favorites. I love so many things that picking just one or two or three to be my "favorite" is just sometimes honestly too hard for me. Plus I don't like to hurt anyone's feelings by not picking them. But then I decided that this was actually a perfect way to fulfill one of my July goals: promote other bloggers.

So today I'm sharing 3 blogs that I absolutely love and I think everyone should read and start loving too. I narrowed down my long list of favorite blogs to these 3 because they're ones that I don't think many of my readers already follow. I'll admit to being a creeper who likes to read the comment sections of blogs and I don't think I've seen many of my readers comment on any of these. Hopefully they'll turn into some of your favorites too!


Chronicles of Frivolity - Katey and Kristin, well now just Katey, seems like someone that I would absolutely want to be best friends with so we could hang out all the time. The blog is less than a year old but already has a large following. It covers fashion, decorating, and just living a fun life all written like your listening to your best friend or reading a group text from your sorority sisters. A couple of my favorite posts are this one talking about how to decorate your kitchen and this one with a great first date look.

The Laurel Gazette - Simply put I wish I could be just have as witty as Amanda. Her posts always make me giggle but not in an annoying that was overly trying to be funny way. The whole blog is pure genius of wit and humor without losing the element of being real.  One of my favorite posts is this one about how to get good gifts from men and I really want an excuse to try this pie recipe.

A Southern Style - This is one of the first blogs I started following last year when I decided to start seriously blogging regularly. Since then Zelle's blog has grown so much and it's been really cool to watch. She has seriously great style and THE cutest pup in the world. I love this post where she breaks down wedding dress codes and this one where she talks about 8 things every woman should have to be happy.

What blogs do you love? I'm always looking to add more to my Bloglovin feed

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