Tuesday, July 22, 2014

9 questions that Google can't answer

I have a ton of questions in life. Luckily for most people I don't voice these questions out loud half as often as I have them. I never wanted to be "that girl" that asked a question and kept the whole class waiting when the professor announced that class was over if nobody had any questions. Thankfully I've grown up in an age where I can pretty much Google just about any question I have, such as "what's 30% off of $23?" or "How do I convert cups to quarts?" or even "What year did Teddy Roosevelt become president?" Google has helped me get to where I am in life today. I owe a lot to that little search engine. But sometimes even Google gets stumped.


Today I'm sharing 9 questions that Google can't answer for me. These are my 9 "Hmmm?" moments

1. Why does it cost money to put air in my tires?
2. Why don't waitresses get paid a normal wage instead of having to depend on tips?
3. What continent is Central America part of, North or South America?
4. Why did they cancel Gilmore Girls?
5. Why hasn't E! offered to make my life a reality show, yet the Kardashians keeps getting spin offs?
6. How is it 2014 and we still don't have a cure to the common cold?
7. Why do people make Ole Miss "black bear" jokes but nobody makes a Bama "elephants" joke
8. Why hasn't somebody invented removable windshield wipers for glasses?
9. Which is better, McAlister's sweet tea or Newks sweet tea?


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  1. OMG! This is fabulous! If you figure out the answer to # 4 or # 5, please let me know. I'm extremely interested in knowing both! Lol!

  2. I'm pretty sure Central America is considered part of North America, but I could be wrong. Hope that helps with at least one of your questions! :P

  3. But really . . . I can breathe air for free, so what's the big deal? You are a thinker.

  4. love your questions! Great ideas!

    McAlisters Sweet tea.. by the way! :)

  5. I got to agree, paying for air makes absolutely no sense to me. I've also often wondered who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to cancel Gilmore Girls. That was like the best show ever!


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