Thursday, July 17, 2014

favorite blog posts : Total Social Link-up

Yesterday I featured some of my other favorite bloggers, so today I'm bragging on myself a little and talking about myself. This is a post I've actually been wanting to write for awhile so when I saw it was the topic for this month's total social link-up with Helene and Sarah I was so excited! The topic is technically just "favorites" so you could write about anything that's your favorite, but I decided to write about a collection of my favorite blog posts I've written. As I said yesterday I have a hard time picking favorites so narrowing 231 posts down to just 5 favorites was really tough.

Venus Trapped in Mars

5 ways to feel more put together - simple, easy, fast tips that I use all the time

Why I'm actually the worst blogger of all time - What? A blogger talking about blogging? That never happens; so weird

My Dream Husband - talking about the 3 traits my future husband must have. If anyone knows any single men between the ages of 23 and 28 that fit this description send him my way. Bonus points if he has dark hair

Alternative Olympic Sports - I may not be traditionally athletic but I would for sure bring home the gold for Team USA in these events

Things that really bother me - because sometimes complaining is good for the soul

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  1. I was considering doing this (favorite posts) and then changed my mind at the last minute. Enjoyed reading your posts!


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