Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Goals

I want to start today's post by introducing y'all to Ashliegh. She blogs over at The Darling Daily and is the inspiration behind my goals this month. Today is her 23rd birthday and she's asking us all to join her in her #DarlingsPayItForward movement. The movement is all about spreading kindness, something I am all about. My sorority nationally celebrates our founder's birthday with a day of service. When I was an officer my chapter participated by all performing random acts of service through the day and documenting them on social media. It was so cool to see all the small ways that people were making a difference. I'm really excited to follow along with the #DarlingsPayItForward hashtag today and see how this blogging community will spread kindness. I really hope you'll join in and give Ashliegh a great birthday celebration!

I will also turn 23 this month and Ashliegh's generosity and kind heart inspired me to make this month less about me and more about others. You'll see this idea reflected in my July goals.

1. Leave an extra generous tip - I always tip, but this month I'm going to leave an extra generous one at least once. Summer usually sees higher gas prices and overall higher bills so I know it'll brighten someone's day to have a little extra in their tip
2. Donate to a charity - I did this a few months back but with so many great organizations there's always room to give more
3. Promote other bloggers - I think we as bloggers often get so wrapped up in promoting those who sponsor us that we sometimes forget to just promote other bloggers that we think are great. I know I'm not a big blogger with a huge following, but I think any bit of exposure is helpful and hopefully those I promote in little ways this month think so too.
4. 3 random acts of kindness - Ashliegh is doing 23 in one day so I think I can handle 3 throughout the month.
5. Donate the things I don't use - I have a closet full of clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry that is all perfectly nice yet I probably only use about half of it. I'm going to take all these nice things that I don't use and donate them to an organization where they'll be given to someone who will get more benefit from them than I currently am.


  1. Awesome goals and I think donating and random acts of kindness are awesome. I gave my server at Applebees a 100% tip last weekend :)

  2. Thank you so much for participating, Hill!!! I am so excited to hear what everyone does today on the hashtag! Happy birthday to you, too! :] <3


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