Monday, July 21, 2014

would you rather?

Remember this post where I played would you rather? Well today I'm relapsing and playing one of my favorite games with y'all again. This time the questions come from the Blog Everyday in July girls.


1. Blind or Deaf?
deaf. I'd actually have an excuse to really learn sign language, something I've always wanted to do

2. Taller or Shorter?
taller. I'm barely 5'1 so shorter really wouldn't be fun. I've always thought being 5'3 would be ideal

3. Teenager or Senior Citizen forever?
senior citizen. Being able to be retired forever? Yes please! Where do I sign up?

4. No Hands or No Legs?
no legs. I feel like they're better at making prosthetic legs than they are hands

5. Eat a Worm or a Cockroach?
cockroach. You could cover it in enough chocolate and it might not be terrible, don't they eat grasshoppers that way?

6. Sahara or North Pole?
north pole. Because polar bears, duh

7. Personal Chef or Driver?
chef. I absolutely love driving I'd never want to give that up. Ideally I'd really love to have my own personal hair washer/ blow dryer

8. Always Whisper or Shout?
whisper. Shouting all the time would give you a permanent sore throat

9. No Front Teeth or Eyebrows?
eyebrows. I'd just grow my bangs long and hope nobody noticed

10. Wipe with Sandpaper or Saran Wrap?
saran wrap. even the thought of sandpaper hurts

Yes I know this post is the topic from yesterday, but better late than never. Today they're talking about gifs and well I still don't 100% understand how to use those in a post

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