Thursday, August 28, 2014

5 underrated chick flicks

My job requires me to stand and talk and be friendly for 8 hours a day. While I love being around people and the idea of working stuck in a tiny cubicle with no human interaction all day sounds horrible, sometimes by the end of the week I'm just tired of having to be on the whole time. When I'm off I like to just relax and take a break. I don't want to be friendly. I don't want to be social. I usually just want to be alone where it's calm and quiet. One of my favorite ways to spend my off time is watching movies, endless hours of HGTV is great, but to me movies are just better.
With the long weekend coming up I thought it'd be fun to share some movies that I love that are often overlooked. When people talk about chick flicks they always mention The Notebook, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and Mean Girls, but there are so many other great movies I feel like we forget about. So if the weather isn't going to BBQ quality where you live, or maybe you're spending the holiday alone these are some great choices that you may have forgotten about.

1. Two Weeks Notice - Activist lawyer goes to work for a large corporation with the understanding that the community center in her neighborhood will be saved, when her boss finally drives her to her wits end she convinces him to let her quit after finding her own replacement. Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant are perfect together in this film that's the perfect mix of humor and romance. Best Scene: the after tennis bathroom break

2. Laws of Attraction - Two lawyers on opposing sides of a divorce case accidentally get married and then fall in love. This is one of the most underrated chick flicks ever; I don't think I've ever even seen it on tv. This is seriously such a cute movie I'm amazed more people haven't seen it. Best Scene: the bar in Ireland

3. When in Rome - A single girl accidentally takes coins from a magic fountain causing their original owners to fall in love with her. I personally think Kristen Bell is always adorable, and I think we can all agree that Josh Duhamel is always hot. Not much of a plot, but a good movie when you just want to laugh and believe in true love. Best Scene: Maid of honor speech at the sister's wedding

4. The Devil Wears Prada - Recent journalism graduate takes a job at a high fashion magazine, which she believes is way below her because it's not serious enough. By the end she grows as a professional and a person. The fabulous clothes alone makes this movie worth watching. I feel like this movie was super popular when it first came out, but since everyone has forgotten about it. Best Scene: cafeteria lunch line

5. Love Story - Your classic boy meets girl and they fall in love; he comes from a family with a lot of money and she doesn't. Okay so maybe not underrated seeing as how it won an Academy Award, but I feel like very few in this generation have seen it. Warning: have your tissues ready because you will cry. Best Scene: anytime she refers to him as Preppy

What are some of your favorite but forgotten movies?


  1. I LOVE Two Weeks Notice. Of course, I’ve loved Sandra Bullock since I was probably too young to be watching Speed. I haven’t seen any of the other ones on your list so now I will have to check them out!! Here are some of my forgotten favs!

    Blue Crush- Ok so maybe this movie wasn’t underrated when it first came out but it’s just so great. I was in love with this soundtrack back in the day. It’s great.

    Peace, Love&Misunderstanding- I’ve never heard anyone ever even talk about this movie! It is so great! Great actors (all of whom you’ll recognize) I swear Jane Fonda’s character is me when I’m a grandma. Fun, feel good movie with a great message about letting go. It’s on Netflix now!

    9 to 5- This has been one of my favorite movies since before I could really even understand what was going on in it. I used to sit, as a 6 year old, with my little desk and a phone (an old one just like in the movie) and play like I was a secretary, answering phones all day. I guess my love for Jane Fonda was established very early on.

    Underworld- This is a vampire/warewolf love story type deal from 2003 so it was back before the Twilight craze and what not. Kate Beckinsale stars in it and she kicks butt. The storyline provides more action in this film than all the Twilight movies combined. It takes you through a bunch of periods in time, the costumes are great, the whole movie is totally enjoyable for guys and ladies alike but it does have a strong feminist vibe to it.

    Tristan&Isolde- The Irish/English Romeo&Juliet story. I really liked it! Total chick flick. James Franco totally pulls it off and the female lead does awesome as well. Fun fact: she has a small part in Underworld, too!

    If you decide to watch, I hope you enjoy! xx

  2. Two weeks notice is one of my favorites! I have to leave it on when it's on TV!


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