Monday, August 4, 2014

August Goals

Umm can y'all believe we only have 5 more months left of 2014? That's just crazy to me. July was a pretty successful month for my goals. I completed 3 of the 5 goals (didn't donate to charity or clean out my closet to donate) which means I get to add $30 dollars to my "me fund." I'm currently at $250!

I'm really excited about my August goals. I think these are all things I'm capable of achieving. Plus they'll lead to a happier and healthier life.

1. Fewer treats - During the past couple of months I've discovered the joy that is taking the back way to work so I pass Dunkin' Donuts. This little obsession with strawberry frosted donuts combined with my little sister's medically required mostly ice cream diet has not been good for my health. I'm limiting these treats to once a week for the month.
2. More fruit - Summer is the time of year with so many great fresh fruit options and I really haven't taken advantage of them enough this year. I really love fresh fruit and this is one food love I plan to embrace more this month.
3. Quicker email responses - Slow email responses are one of my biggest pet peeves, yet recently I've been so guilty of this myself. I'll read an email almost immediately and then forget to respond. I'm challenging myself to respond as soon as I read each email.
4. 24 hour waiting period on any fashion purchase - I added up my purchases from July and while my closet is happy, my bank account sure wasn't. I have to want an item for over 24 hours before I am allowed to buy it, for any purchase over $100 I have to want it over 48 hours. Hopefully this wait period will cause me to use some restraint and not get caught up in any flash sales.
5. Read a book - I really wanted to read GirlBoss, but my library doesn't have it, so I'm looking for a good suggestion. I'm leaning toward something nonfiction as opposed to a novel because it's been a while since I've picked up something other than a fluff novel.

What are your goals this month?


  1. Great goals and very attainable. I think you will rock them this month :)


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