Monday, August 11, 2014

Designer looks for less

Designer items: I love them, but I really don't love the extra large price tag that comes with them. Unfortunately when you're only working for an entry level salary dressing like you're the trophy wife of a Fortune 500 CEO just isn't in the cards. Or maybe it is. Enter the best phrase to enter the world of fashion since "leggings can be worn as pants"; knockoffs. Okay so I know there are really terrible knockoffs that should never ever be used, looking at you poorly made Coach knockoffs sold out of some creeper's van on the side of the road, but not all knockoffs are bad. Good knockoffs don't pretend to be the actual designer product, they just emulate them. If a design is good why should one designer be the only one to use it?

Today I've rounded up 3 designer knockoffs that are perfect for the end of summer. These are pieces that I'm constantly seeing All. Over. Instagram. I know I for one, am still a bit like a 14 year old girl who just wants to wear what everyone else is wearing. With these great pieces at a fraction of the price now we all can pretend like we can afford to wear designer pieces 24/7.

Bag: Splurge / Save available in other colors
Necklace: Splurge / Save available in other colors
Watch : Splurge / Save 

I don't want any one to think I'm knocking designer pieces, because I'm absolutely not! Obviously the real deal costs more because it's better quality. If you can afford it or have them gifted then honey wear that item every single day with pride. But the great thing about getting a knockoff is that you don't feel so bad if you only use it a few times and then decide maybe you don't love it as much as you thought you would. And if it turns out you love that bag so much you use it every single day until it falls apart, then you can the real deal knowing you'll get your money's worth.

I'd love to see any designer inspired items you've found for a great price! Share them so we can all pretend to be swimming in the money.


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