Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Five

1. I posted this on twitter the other day and it got a lot of "favorites" but no response so I'm going to ask it again here. If I feel like I can't talk to my friends about the boy I'm talking to because they'll judge, should I maybe not be talking to him? At what point do you stop caring about what other people think and just think for yourself in a relationship? If I like him, does it really matter what anybody else thinks? In other news, boys are really complicated and make life confusing. If anyone wants to be my unbiased listener/advice giver I'd greatly appreciate it!

2. Why is everyone trying to kill summer and rush into fall? I'll be the first to admit I love pumpkin spice anything, but it just feels wrong to consume while it's still consistently 95+ outside. Let's just throw on the breaks and enjoy the last of summer. Please?

3. When I cut my hair short a few weeks back I also got bangs. I love love love my haircut, so much so that I constantly touch my hair. This is resulting in my bangs looking super oily before the end of the day, particularly when I work late. Anybody have a suggestion of a product I can apply that'll stop the shine without weighing down my hair/make it look crunchy?

4. This week all my friends were returning to school. Even though I graduated over a year ago I still have a good many friends in school, either for grad school, victory lap senior years, or just plain old undergrad. Seeing everybody's statuses and pictures of moving in really made me miss college. I know I've said it before, but Oxford really is the most perfect little town in the world. The realization that I probably won't get back up for a visit before May (when my brother graduates) really breaks my heart. Last fall I wasn't working yet so I could just take off and spend a few days up there hoping between friends' places. Now with working full time, including every weekend, I just don't have that freedom.

5. What do y'all think of Taylor's newest song? I think it's super catchy, but can see myself getting really tired of it soon from overplaying. I think the video is absolutely perfect though. Seriously probably the best I've seen in years! I love how she totally owns how adorably awkward she is when she dances.


  1. I think if you're worried about your friends judging you, you should look into new friends. If I were always worried about my best friends judging me for my mistakes, I wouldn't have any friends, because I make a lot of mistakes.. If your friends aren't just extra judg-y, then I'd start looking at why you think they'd judge you... I agree.. boys are complicated, I just wish they understood how complicated they really are.. lol

  2. Sorry. Bring on Fall! I'm over the heat!

  3. 1. I'm all ears for listening and advice giving! Email me for my number (did I already give this to you? I cannot remember, haha). Do your friends not like him because he's crazy (abusive, murderer, klepto…hell, I dunno. I wouldn't want a friend to date someone like that!) or because they don't know him at all and just think he's weird? In the latter case, I say go for it and don't worry about what your friends think! If they aren't willing to allow you to be happy, then are they really your friends?

    Also, agreed on the fall situation. I love pumpkin but for the love o' pete, I still haven't gone swimming this summer!

  4. If you like him, go for it! If you ever want to talk I'm definitely here! As far as your bangs, try putting dry shampoo on them at the start of each day - it will soak up the oil throughout the day. Baptiste makes a great one!

    Pick Your Beau

  5. I kind of have a revelation about #1. My husband (HUSBAND) and I dated a few years ago, and we were totally wrong for each other. We were always trying to piss each other off and we fought like crazy. Naturally, my friends didn't really like him, and his weren't all that crazy about me. We had a nasty break up and didn't speak for a little more than a year and a half. I messaged in him on Facebook one night after I figured enough time had lapsed, and maybe a shot at friendship was in order. One thing led to another, and I believe that we declared ourselves "back on" officially within a month. The crazy thing about getting back together was that there were no fights, no petty arguments, no screaming. We were two adults who decided to come together again. And maybe I was just so comfortable with it that not once did I ever ask a friend what she thought. If any of my friends had any opinions about us getting back together, I never heard them.. because I didn't care to hear them. I'm sure there were several who were a little mad about it, but I never knew. Because I never asked! LOL. For me, it was just reaching a point where I didn't care what anyone thought anymore, so I knew it was better not to ask. We were back together in August of 2011 and were married in April 2013; when it's right, it's just right. And it does not matter what anyone else thinks about it!


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