Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Five

1. Today marks the 9 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. For most of you this probably means absolutely nothing, but to me it means so much. My family lost everything that day, our home, our schools, our church, both my parents' jobs, and really our whole town. What we didn't lose was each other or our sense of perseverance and survival. Being a victim of a natural disaster is hopefully the worst thing that'll ever happen to me and something I would never wish on my worst enemy, but at the same time I'm thankful for the experience. It taught me at a young age to appreciate the important things and that no matter how bad things seem you will survive and be okay again.

2. Does anyone know anything about going back to school to take undergraduate classes after you've earned your diploma? I recently learned I have a few hours of prepaid tuition left and am toying with the idea of going back and taking some classes. I don't have enough to do a full masters program, but I do have enough for a semester worth of undergrad. I don't know if I'd want to do something online or with the local school close to home or maybe even quit my job all together and go back to Ole Miss for a semester. I just feel like it'd be silly to let that go to waste when there are skills I feel like I could learn in a class that would benefit me in the long run.

3. College football is back!!! Last night was the first Ole Miss game and we won! I was so glad to be able to watch it at work. The one perk of my job is that they always have the sports games on so I never miss one. It was weird to be watching a game and not drinking, I don't think that's happened since freshman year ha. Hopefully we'll have a good season and go back to a decent bowl game this year. I'm thinking about wearing my sorority game day pin each week to work when we play, other departments get to wear jerseys but my department still has to keep business casual.

4. With the clock about to expire on my August goals  it's time for me to start thinking about my September goals. I've decided I want to dedicate the month to growing my blog, but I don't really know how. I don't want something like "gain 50 more followers" because that's not really something I can control. I'm more looking for things that I can do that would attract readers. Anyone have any suggestions of goals I could have for the month which ultimately would help grow this little space?

5. As if my song of the week could be anything other than queen Bey. Love it or hate it, this is what everyone was talking about this week. Confession: I didn't love it. Beyonce is a fabulous performer, but I'm just not crazy about most of the songs on this last album. I wish she would have performed some of her all time favorites too. I did however LOVE her outfit!


  1. YAY for football!!! Really? Has it been nine years since Katrina. WOW! Time flies. Happy Friday.

  2. Yes, 9 Years. Alise was 3 months old. We had taken her to Alabama to introduce her to her great grandmother and on the way back, we noticed all the traffic. And the gas stations were full. We hadn't been watching the news so we didn't know at the time what was going on. To this day, I swear Katrina was the reason we never received her official birth certificate. It would have been coming from New Orleans about that time.


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