Wednesday, August 27, 2014

jobs I wish I would have considered

My younger sister just started her junior year of high school, something that seriously freaks me out. I always like to remind her that I remember life before she was born, so now that she's thinking about college it's very surreal. A question she likes to pose to us daily is "what should I major in?" Helping her explore her talents and interests has really opened my eyes to things that I wish I would have considered before picking a major. At 18 and 19 we really just don't know what we want to do with the rest of our lives, and I think most of that is because we just aren't aware of all the career options there are out there. I loved all my journalism classes, but if I had it to do over again I don't know if I would have picked the same major because we all see how much I'm using it now. I jokingly say I would have been an accounting major and put all my energy in Ring by Spring (is this a southern phrase that nobody else understands?) with a focus on a professional career as a homemaker. But in all seriousness there really are a few careers that I wish I would have explored before making my decision.


1. librarian - Specifically an elementary school librarian. I spent a year as an elementary education major, something I still wonder if I should have stuck with, so I really don't know why this job never occurred to me. Getting to spend all day reading books to sweet babies and helping cultivate a love of reading in children, what could be a better job? Plus it'd be an excuse to reread all my childhood favorites (Green Eggs and Ham, Magic Treehouse series, and Amelia Bedelia)

2. publishing - Publishing is a huge industry that will never disappear because nobody wants a real life Fehrenheit 451. Books have always played a large role in my life. Before I started using the library last year I'd say I'd probably spent more money on books than anything else in my life. I associate books with happiness and being able to be a part of that happiness for others would be very rewarding. If ever presented with the chance, I'd love to work in publishing publicity.

3. speech therapist - My last semester of college I took a sign language class offered through the communicative disorders department. It was easily one of my favorite classes I took throughout my four years at Ole Miss. We got to go in small groups with my professor to a home visit where she worked with a 2 year old who was hearing impaired. Watching the therapy in person was really inspiring and made me hope to one day be able to make a difference in someone's life in such a meaningful way.

4. magazine journalism - I know what you're thinking. "But don't you have a degree in journalism?" Yes I do, but I never considered magazine journalism while I was in school. Ole Miss's journalism school is set up where you either focus in print or broadcast, and then if you go the print route you can pick to further specialize in either PR or magazine, but not both. I picked PR, which is still what I ultimately want to pursue, but I never even considered magazine. It's funny because now looking back I realize my favorite professors were the ones with feature writing/magazine backgrounds.  Wether it be the girl who writes the Hey, it's okay! column for Glamour or the one who quickly has to remember how to spell Gabbana while answering the phone at Vogue, I can see myself enjoying working at a magazine.

5. Prince Harry's wife - Okay so maybe not totally realistic, but a girl can dream. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I think Kate and I would make great sisters in laws and I know I'd be a great babysitter for baby George.

If you didn't work in your current industry, what would you like to be doing? Ever wish you could go back and redo college with a clearer idea of your future?


  1. I loved this post! I went through seven majors before landing in communication studies. Had communication disorders been around from the beginning of my college years, I feel like I would have loved to pursue that path, but my school didn't add it as a major until my junior year. I also would have considered psychology or business. I LOVED the professors and classes in the comm studies department, which is why I chose it, but looking at where I am now and what I feel called to do, my path could have been much different!


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