Monday, August 18, 2014

Liebster Award...Again

Okay so I know I've done one of these posts before, but I always like to read posts with random facts about bloggers to I decided to do it again. If you're not as nosey as I am you can just skip today's post without hurting my feelings. This time I was nominated by kTm of Pick Your Beau. The basic rules are: give 11 facts about yourself, answer the questions, and then nominate other bloggers for the award.

1. I've never been outside the United States
2. I've never had a serious boyfriend
3. Elf is my favorite pick me up movie
4.When they first meet me, most people think I'm stuckup because I'm incredibly shy
5. I've never gotten a speeding ticket
6. I am an incredibly bad speller
7. Coke Iceees, peach rings, and Chex mix are my favorite road trip snacks
8. My eyes are naturally blue, but when I was little I always wished they were brown
9. I've never broken a bone but I have dislocated my knee cap (5th grade) and sprained my ankle (multiple times)
10. In 10th grade I had a solo in my high school musical. I sang Beauty School Dropout from Grease
11. I like my nails short and brightly painted. I don't know how anyone can handle long nails

1. If you were an animal which would you be? a pig, because then I'd be pink
2. What's your favorite kind of drink? sweet tea no lemon or a frozen margarita with salt
3. How do you relax? glass of wine while mindlessly flipping between my social media feeds, usually with the television on for background noise
4. How often do you paint your nails? once a week, either Tuesday night or Wednesday afternoon before I go to work
5. What's the best piece of advice you could give someone? No matter how bad it might seem right now, this is not the end of the world. Pull yourself together and overcome your obstacles. What doesn't kill us really does make us stronger.
6. What's your favorite thing to order at Starbucks? Green Tea Lemonade!
7. How would you explain your relationship with your BFF? my best friend is probably my younger brother, which I fully realize is weird. We're only 18 months apart so we experienced a lot of things for the first time one after another. Plus being so close in age we know/hang out with a lot of the same people
8. Are you an early bird or a night owl? night owl 110%
9. Who is your biggest girl crush? this is a seriously hard question for me because I have so many, but I would probably have to say Laura Bush because she seems like the ideal southern woman: intelligent, charming, and generous. Plus she's my sorority sister
10. What's your favorite show to binge watch? Sex and the City! Worst part of moving home is that we don't get E. The 3 years I lived in my sorority house I would binge watch it every Friday afternoon
11. Why did you start blogging? You can read the long explanation here, but basically because I had a degree and no job and needed something to do with my time other than being rejected from jobs.

So now I'm supposed to nominate other bloggers but because I'm feeling a little lazy I'm not going to do that. If you're reading this and have never been nominated/feel like doing it again please do! Let me know in the comments so I can read your responses to the questions.


  1. Hi there! Loved this post! I found you from a comment you left on Whitney Blake's blog! We both enjoyed the John Mayer XO :) I enjoyed this post as well! From the looks of it we have a lot in common! When I saw we have the EXACT same favorite road trip snacks, I knew we could be BFF ;) I'm a new blogger, just getting things going really but I am excited to become a new reader to your site!


  2. Green tea lemonades are always my favorite at starbucks - my big introduced me to them and since then I've been hooked!

    Pick Your Beau

  3. Loved reading these!


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