Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The ultimate kick butt beach playlist

This was originally published as a guest post over on Southern Finesse in June. I decided to share it here today with y'all in case you missed it the first time around. With only 2 more weekends before the end of the summer season I'd hate to see you listening to dull tunes or no tunes while enjoying the last of bikini season. Plus I really love summer and am just not ready for it to go away.   

I live at the beach, not a very pretty one but it has sand and palm trees so it counts. I like to think of myself as a beach authority. I drive along the beach every day to get to work, there are multiple "surf shops" in my town, and I've been known to wear flipflops in December. If they gave out degrees in beach living I would hold my PhD. This means I can say with certainty that their are 4 essential items you must always bring with you to the beach; sunglasses, sunscreen, something to drink, a kick butt playlist. If you don't have these 4 items you might as well just plan another vacation because you simply just won't be getting the best experience.

Lucky for you I love pretending like I'm back in middle school and making playlists to share will all my friends, so today I'm sharing mine with you. The science behind my Kick Butt Beach Playlist is very simple every song either reminds me of summer (because duh) or makes me feel hot (because being in a bikini in public is scary) 

Kick Butt Beach Playlist by HG on Grooveshark

Now you just need to pack up your favorite drink tumbler, sunscreen, and sunglasses and you're set. I hope you'll enjoy this playlist while lounging on the beach this summer; I'll be enjoying it as I stare out my window driving to work.

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