Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Ultimate Throwback Thursday Playlist

Today I'll be giving y'all a 3rd food post in a row. LOL JK this isn't a food blog. Instead I'm giving you something to combat the two food posts I given y'all this week, a workout post. Okay so it's not really a workout post, it's a music post, but it could be. Throw this playlist on while you're hitting the elliptical and make that hour workout more fun!

This is my ultimate throwback Thursday playlist. Full of songs that take me back to middle school dances when I wouldn't let my mom drop me off until I saw a girl I was friends with arrive. Hopefully these will give you warm fuzzy memories of birthday parties at the skating rink when your biggest fear was being left without a partner for the couples skate song. This playlist got me through many a study session in college and is still one of my favorites for when I'm cleaning my room.

What songs am I missing?


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