Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What's in my Bag? : bag lady linkup

Today I'm linking up to share what's in my bag. I love these types of posts because I'm incredibly nosey and love getting these little inside looks at the real lives of bloggers I follow. Before I show you what's inside my bag I want to preface it with the fact that my bag usually isn't this neat. I just switched to this clutch last week and haven't had enough time to fill it with the usual gas/Dunkin/Walmart recipes that are usually rampant in my bags. This was exactly what was in my bag when I wrote this post last night; I think it kinda misses the point when bloggers write these posts but get rid of half the stuff they usually carry so I wanted to be 100% authentic.

As I said before I recently started using this clutch and I'm kinda obsessed with it. I bought it at TJMaxx months ago and have only used it a couple of times before now. In my mind a clutch was only for going out to dinner or to get drinks, not for everyday use, but now I think I've changed my mind. I probably wouldn't want to take this bag shopping, unless it was Target/the grocery store so it could sit in the buggy, but it's kinda perfect for work and random errands. I feel more chic and put together using it. 

EOS egg chap stick
license plate tag (should probably actually put this on my car)
coin purse (just like the one I'm giving away, except in pink!)
lip stick
sun glasses
lens cloths
fortune from a cookie (behavior is a mirror in which everyone shows his own image)
lip liner (can't wear lipstick without it)
bobby pins
tampons (maybe TMI but I live in fear of needing one and not having it #alwaysbeprepared)
pens (a work essential)
hair tie
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  1. I love using a clutch because I'm less likely to cram it full of crap but every time I clean it out I'm surprised at how much I actually get in there! lol

  2. so cute! I love your sunglasses, too! Thanks for linking up!

  3. I love the idea of using a smaller bag. I bet you don't lose things in there!

  4. Ever since I switched to smaller purse I've really been able to cut down on the clutter! The receipts still pop up but I'm more likely to get rid of them since they feel like they take up more room, lol.

  5. It's true...the bigger the bag, the more stuff I carry around!

  6. Love that clutch! I have one I never use because clutches have always been more of a special occasion thing for me - I will definitely have to try and incorporate it into my everyday!

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