Tuesday, September 30, 2014

7 booties $50 and under

I'm slowly starting to accept that fall weather will be here soon. One trend I'm really loving this year are booties. Last year I was really against them because I didn't really know how to wear them, but a year later with lots of help from Pinterest and blogs I've decided this is one trend that's a winner. The way I most like them is when wore with tights and a dress/skirt, but they also look cute with jeans and an oversized sweater. There are so many great options for booties this year; today I've rounded up 7 pairs that not only look adorable but won't make your bank account cry.

one / two 
three / four / five
six / seven 

Last week I said boots with fringe confuse me, but I'm really digging that bottom right pair. Maybe I'll have to put my Pocahontas fears aside and give those a try.


  1. I loved this post! Like you, it took me a year to get on the bootie wagon. My favs are 2 and 7. Think I'll be buying a pair real soon!

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