Monday, September 22, 2014

fall fashion questions

Happy Fall Y'all! With today being the first day of the new season my mind has finally started to transition from summer afternoons spent by the pool to the cooler temps we'll (hopefully!) be experiencing soon. I know I'm behind, but honestly so far in Mississippi the only hint that fall is here is that it's football season. While every other girl has been day dreaming of sweaters and boots I've been wondering if I should invest in another bikini. Fall fashion has never really been a big thing for me, some years it seems we completely skip right over it and end up right in winter wear. I consider myself a bit of a lost soul when it comes to fall fashion. Because I don't get to truly experience it like girls in other parts of the country I have so many questions when I try to shop this season. Today I've compiled a list of a few of these. If you ever had any thought that I was a fashion/beauty blogger, this will prove why I'm not.


1. Can I still wear bright pink lipstick or do I need to switch to plum?
2. How do I do a berry lip without feeling like I've just smeared on grape jelly?
3. Is this the season when I'm supposed to wear open toed booties?
4. How many sizes up should I go if I want my sweater to be slouchy but not look like I'm hiding a food baby?
5. Is radiant orchid still a thing?
6. What is Oxblood?
7. Do I look like Pocahontas in boots with fringe?
8. Will I look silly wearing a scarf when it's only 75 degrees?
9. Can you be too busty for a puffer vest?

What are your fall fashion questions? Or am I the only one that struggles with this season?


  1. You crack me up! These questions are on point - I try not to wear fall scarves until its at least 60 degrees outside but I bought my first pair of booties today and am already obsessed!

    Pick Your Beau

  2. haha Oh, the struggle of living in the deep south! I really wasn't cut out for southern living because I absolutely love fall fashion. I broke out the riding boots for the first time yesterday. I couldn't resist!I say go for the pink lipstick (I know I still will!).
    I haven't figured out the art to berry lipstick yet, but if I do I'll be sure and let you know.
    Yes to open toed booties - they are apparently the season's biggest trend.
    If the sweater is already made to fit slouchy, then you should be able to buy in the size you normally wear. If not, I would only go up by a size.
    I think radiant orchid is still a thing.... maybe? I'm lost on that one too.
    Not a clue on oxblood! haha maybe a deep red color?
    I LOVE boots with fringe!! (I'm wearing a pair right now...)
    Wear the scarf, as long as it's light in material
    I'm not sure about the puffer vest.. I have the opposite problem. haha


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