Thursday, September 25, 2014

Future Dream Home

I've recently been watching a lot of HGTV. One of my favorite ways to spend my early afternoons before going into work is to turn it on while I work on some blog posts. Sometimes it's educational and other times it's pretty funny because some people have terrible taste, but it's always good mindless television. While I'm nowhere near close to buying or owning a house it's fun to watch and day dream about what I'd want in my future dream home. I'd love to live in an old home because I think they have such great charm and character, but then I'd like to build my dream home exactly with everything I want.

 One of my favorite memories of growing up was sitting on my grandmother's front porch swing so I know I want to have one of my own one day. I love how big and cozy this one looks. It just screams to be snuggled up on during Spring evenings with a big glass of sweet tea.

I hate carpet, absolutely hate it. If I have my way I'll have any carpet in my dream home; it'll all be hardwoods, tile, and maybe brick with accent rugs for warmth. I think these dark woods make the space look more elegant and sophisticated. 

I love an eat in kitchen. I think it's such a great way to bring the whole family together during the entire meal process from prep, to eating, to clean up. I love kitchen bars but I really love the uniqueness of this bench. I can picture it being used for lazy Sunday at home brunches to children doing their homework. 

This is the Southern in me, but I just can't imagine living in a house without a front porch. They just add so much curb appeal! These high stained board ceilings are very elegant and the fans transform the space from beautiful to functional.

I love natural lighting! I know I'll need a house with plenty of big windows.These skylights are such a great way to bring that into a room. They're in a kitchen here but I think they'd be more practical in a sunroom or closed in back patio looking out to a pool. 

What would your future dream home look like? Am I crazy that I'm 23 and think about these things?

PS: Check out my Pinterest to see more of my future dream home ideas.

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  1. Not crazy at all! I LOVE hardwood floors, that's what we have in the living room and hallways in our house, and then we have tile in the kitchen and bathrooms. We have carpet in the bedrooms, but I kind of wish we could have hardwood in those too because it's so much easier to keep clean! I adore front porches like that, so Southern and charming!


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