Wednesday, September 24, 2014

life is short, buy the bag

When you're trying to lose weight one of the most frustrating things to do is buy clothing because hopefully whatever you buy will be too big next month. That's where accessories become key.  I always say your dress size will change throughout life but your accessories will always be the right size. Shoes are easily my favorite accessory, but buying them is sometimes difficult because you have so many things to consider - Can I walk in these? Do they make my feet look big? How will these hold up in the rain? Jewelry can be equally as difficult with its own set of questions - Where will this necklace fall? Are these earrings too heavy? Will this bracelet clash with the rest of my stack?

I find that bags are the easiest items to buy, especially if you're online shopping because the descriptions are usually very accurate. A bag is a great investment because you literally carry it with you everyday. It's one of the few fashion items that you're expected to reuse day after day before switching to a new one. I have a serious weakness for tote bags but lately I'm also loving clutches. I've rounded up a few of my favorites to share today. And don't forget; life is short, buy the bag.


Want to see what I carry in my bag? Check out this old post.


  1. I am trying to lose about ten pounds, so I agree with you...accessories don't have to change! I have trouble keeping the "life is short" idea in control, though. Sometimes I binge on junk food because I figure that life is short, so I might as well enjoy that extra-large candy bar.

  2. I am going through the SAME thing right now. So frustrating, but glad to know I'm not going through it alone. Seriously obsessed with those bags... (Running to online shop)


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