Tuesday, September 2, 2014

my life in 200 words

One of the most important skills you learn in journalism classes is how to say more with less. Space is a precious thing in newspapers and magazines, and even when you only get a few lines of copy people still want the entire story. When I would feel myself becoming too wordy I liked to do a little exercise to practice this less is more philosophy. I would take events, such as the American Revolution or the Super Bowl, and write about them in just a couple of hundred words. It was always a good way of looking at what was essential and what was added fluff. Today I thought I'd revert to my old school days and tell my life in 200 words. I don't know if I should be proud or embarrassed that I so easily compiled 23 years into 12 sentences.

this photo has nothing to do with this post and only serves to break up the text 

11 days after being born I moved from New Orleans. My family moved three more times around the state before settling in Mississippi three weeks before my 3rd birthday. I slept in that same bedroom until Hurricane Katrina came ripping into my life at 14. I attended four high schools before graduating with high honors and heading to Ole Miss. At 19 my sorority decided it was a good idea to let me be our chapter president. I had no idea what I was doing but at the end of the year nobody had been seriously injured, we still had our charter, and the house was still standing so I'll call it a success. I earned my degree in journalism with no life plan at graduation other than not working for a newspaper or television station. I moved home and was a professional stay at home daughter for 7 months before joining the marketing team at a casino. Essentially I get paid to walk around and talk to people for 40 hours a week. I have a mom and dad plus two sisters and a brother, but sadly no pets. I am a horrible speller and will never turn down mexican food. I am cheerful, determined, and smart.


  1. Love this!! You have a way with words my friend :)

  2. Impressed! I have a hard time summarizing myself, and you did it well!


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