Monday, September 29, 2014

Nail Polish

I really love nail polish; the belief that a fresh manicure can instantly make you look more put together is one I 100% believe.  I've always thought it'd be a fabulous job to get to name all the polishes, but what would be even more fabulous is to have your own line of polishes named for you. OPI does this for different celebrities and I think it's such a fun little idea. Because I'm so nice I thought today I'd take a stab at naming my own line, you know in case I get my dream job and become famous one day.


Coast Trash - grayish blue - This is the nickname people in the state have for those of us who call the coastal area home. This color would be one of those that on first look wouldn't be your favorite, but once you've got on never want to take off.
Middle Child - bubblegum pink - I simply can't imagine life without my siblings; being the middle child has taught me to be ready for anything and to just go with the flow. This color would be your go to polish when you want something fun yet traditional.
Rebel Red - true red - My love for Ole Miss has only grown since receiving my degree; wearing this polish will say "I am an Ole Miss Rebel"
Hotty Toddy - navy blue - The Hotty Toddy is something the Ole Miss faithful have said for years; nobody really knows how it started but we know we love it. It's said to cheer on our sports teams, as a hello, or just as a filler in drunk awkward conversations. It's not for everyone, but those who love it, really love it, and that's what this color would be.
Sorority Girl - gold glitter - My sorority completely ruled my life for my 4 years of college, serving on our exec board twice I am a proud retired sorority girl. Our colors are black and gold, and this polish honors that with the little extra bonus of glitter.
Frozen with Salt - pale lime green - This color pays tribute to how I most enjoy my favorite cocktail, the margarita
Bed Head - deep rich brown - I've had big hair since the day I was born; this color pays tribute to my messy curls signature look.
Crooked Letter - blush pink - M I crooked letter crooked letter I crooked letter crooked letter I humpback humpback I: this color is all about my beloved Mississippi 

Please tell me I'm not super weird and somebody else has thought about this too?

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  1. I love nail polish too! I'm obsessed with Essie. It's a little unhealthy.


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