Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Road Trip Essentials

Remember how last week I said I only got one day off work so this week I'd get 3? Well I decided to use my long weekend to make a little trip up to Oxford to visit some of my friends. The drive to my favorite little town isn't exactly what you'd call short; I essentially drive from one end of the state to the other. I've made this drive so many times I honestly feel like I could do it in my sleep now. The one key to making the drive enjoyable is making sure I'm prepared with my road trip essentials.

1. Awesome playlist - like this, this, or this because the only better place to belt out your favorite songs than the shower is in the car
2. Snacks - my favorites are a large fountain diet coke, pretzels, cereal, and peach rings. The key is to pick something that you can eat in one to two bites so you can keep your focus on the road
3. Games - License plate from the farthest away; weirdest vanity plate; most red cars. Anything to help keep your mind off how long you've been in the car
4. Phone Charger - not so you can text and drive, because that's dangerous and YOU SERIOUSLY SHOULD NOT DO IT!, but so that you can keep your phone charged to use as your GPS or incase you run into trouble along the way.
5. Sweater - I have to keep the air turned way up blowing on my face when I drive or I feel sick, so if I don't bring a sweater I end up freezing
6. Comfy clothes - Pumping your gas doesn't need to be a fashion show. I suggest anything with an elastic-band or a tshirt dress. And don't forget comfy shoes! In the winter I always bring a pair of flats to drive in because my boots get uncomfortable
7. Sunglasses - because I've yet to find a car with a sun visor that is the right size to block the blinding sun from your eyes.

What are your road trip essentials?


  1. There is nothing worse than be uncomfortable on a road trip. I'm all about the leggings and oversized shirts! :)

  2. The last road trip we took, I learned to bring an extra blanket if it's cold.... Because my husband won't waste energy for heat. BRRR.

  3. could never take a road trip without an epic playlist! agreed


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