Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Saying Yes

We always hear about the things to say no to, drugs, abusive relationships, drinks from strangers, texting while driving, etc, but we never really talk about the things to say yes to. All my life I've been the person to say no and play it safe. I've turned down invites and skipped out on good times because I had something more responsible to do. I don't believe in New Year's resolutions, that's why I started my monthly goals, but saying yes more often is something I've really been trying to work on this year. It's not about accepting every invite that comes my way, but it is about considering each one. I'm trying to not feel guilty when I do something I want even if it's not the smartest/healthiest/most responsible choice. We only get one life and more often than not saying yes will do more good than harm.


  1. Love this, so true! I'm really trying to find the balance myself between being responsible and doing what I need to do and yet not taking myself too seriously and saying yes to those things that bring me joy!

  2. Yes to Sonic Happy Hour! Now I need a slushy!

  3. I will always say yes to lazy sundays. always.

  4. Yes to mani/pedis! I feel like it's become instinctive sometimes to say no - its when you say yes that your opportunities change. You never know what "yes" will change your life!

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