Tuesday, October 28, 2014

wise words from Taylor Swift

I love Taylor Swift. I mean I'm not the biggest fan of her as a person, but I just can't get enough of her music. There is just simply no denying the girl has got some catchy tunes. Wether it's a breakup, a night out with your girl friends, or a new crush there is a Taylor Swift song to fit the mood. I'm not really sure how I feel about her transition from country to pop, but I was really hesitant about Red and it ended up being one of my favorite CDs ever, so I'm staying optimistic. With the release of her new CD this week I wanted to take a moment to remind you of some of the wise words from one of the greatest poets of our generation, my girl TSwift 

to the kids who peaked in high school 

some boys are way harder to get over than others

I mean that's the only reason why a boy wouldn't love me back

again, some boys are seriously hard to get over

Let the haters hate

Do you have a favorite Taylor Swift song or lyric? Want to read more about my love for Taylor? Check out this post I wrote a while back about her top 5 songs that were never released as singles

Monday, October 27, 2014

one loss doesn't make you a loser

You've probably heard by now, but my beloved Rebels didn't make it out of Death Valley with the win. I had so many emotions afterwards that I couldn't even cry, instead I just ate some chocolate, did a couple loads of laundry, and watched Scandal because Olivia Pope's problems make mine seem way less worse. I'm still having a hard time putting all my thoughts into cohesive paragraphs so instead today I'm just going to bring you a listed collection of my take aways from Saturday's game

  • one loss does not make you a loser; we've still won 7 games and that's huge
  • we will go to some bowl no matter what, even if we lose every other game we play
  • one loss teams still go to the National Championship game
  • last year Auburn lost to LSU and still went to Pasadena 
  • if we were going to lose any game this season, this was the one we could afford to lose
  • if we win the rest of our games we still go to Atlanta for the SEC championship; our fate is in our hands
  • maybe a loss will take some pressure off and we'll be able to play calmer now
  • we now live in a world where College Game Day goes to games because Ole Miss is playing
  • we now live in a world where LSU rushes the field after beating us
  • I'm going to tell myself Freeze didn't kick the field goal because he didn't want that Freshman to have to live with the guilt if he didn't make it; let the senior take the fall
  • Bo still played better than I could have so I really can't complain
  • you have to score more than one time to win a game
  • At least all the bandwagon fans are gone now
  • At least I never had to shop for purple and yellow game day dresses
  • At least my campus doesn't smell like corndogs
  • Whatever, we still beat Bama

I have a feeling the landshark defense is going to be extra hungry next week, and I hear it's tiger season or is it eagle #identitycrisis  Auburn hate week starts now! Go Rebs and Hotty Toddy!

our video people have to be the best in the nation. if your team has a better hype video please share it because I'd genuinely love to see 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

little things that drive me crazy

Today we're talking about pet peeves, something I could have sworn I've written about before but now can't find the original post to link to. I'm going to say I'm writing about them today because that's the topic for Blogtober, and that's totally true so go write down yours and share them too, but it's not the whole truth. Really I've just been feeling a little unhappy lately and thought maybe letting some of this negativity out would be helpful. So if you want to be my friend and help me feel better buy me a margarita or tell me I'm pretty, but please don't be guilty of any of these things.

Helene in Between Blogtober

1. when people make a winky smiley face ;) when they really just need a normal smiley face :)  The winky one should only be used when you're flirting, not when you're texting your employee or asking your friend if she wants to grab lunch


2. being called Hilly. I mean it's cute when a guy does it as a nickname, but when people substitute it for my real name I literally want to punch them in the face

3. typos in professionally written pieces (books, magazines, newspaper articles, brochures, etc...) Like hello, WHERE IS YOUR EDITOR? Whenever I see one all I can think is about how many points would be deducted from the grade had this been a piece I turned into a journalism class.

4. bad drivers. If you don't know how to merge, stay off major highways at peak times

5. when people don't remember things you've repeatedly told them, forgetting once or twice is okay but you shouldn't need to hear something simple for a third time. With the exception of maybe 3 weeks, I've worked the same schedule since starting my job back in December, yet people still ask me about it. "Do you have to work tonight?" yes, I work EVERY Friday night. "Oh you switched to day shift?" no, I work during the day EVERY Saturday and Sunday.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

gold bracelet stacks

One fashion trend I'm really loving right now is a simple gold bracelet in your the arm party. For a long time I was all about the silver, but somewhere along the way I decided that gold just fit my personality better. I think a gold bracelet is a perfect piece for stacking because it goes with everything and isn't too flashy. But just because it's simple doesn't mean it has to be boring. I think any of these gold bracelets would be a perfect addition to any wrist.

one / two / three / four / five / six

I actually own number one and wear it all the time (plus when you buy it you're helping an inner city student pay for college; cute AND for a good cause = major win!) but I'd love to any one of these to my collection. Don't wear a watch and looking for something a littler larger to make more of a statement? Check out these options (1 2 3 4 ) or maybe you want something a little daintier (more dainty?), these are great choices too ( 1 2 3 4 )

PS: I've teamed up with a bunch of fun bloggers to giveaway $250 to Kate Spade Saturday! They have so many super cute things especially these adorable customized weekenders. So go enter and I hope you win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, October 20, 2014

things more likely

Ole Miss is #3 in the nation for the third week in a row. Ole Miss is #3 in the nation for the third week in a row. Ole Miss is #3 in the nation for the third week in a row.

Sorry I just had to say it three times to make sure it was real. I know I've talked about my love for Ole Miss football the past two Mondays, but this season is just so so special I can't stop talking about it. If you had asked me a year ago would Ole Miss football be ranked in the top 5 at any point this season I would have put good money on the fact that it wouldn't happen. In the spirit of betting (you know because my job is in a casino, a job that prevents me from attending a single football game this season) I thought it'd be fun to make a list of things that had you asked me last year I would say were more likely to happen.

I'd be living in DC loving life in the district
I'd successfully finish losing those 15 pounds I'm always chasing away
I'd have a serious boyfriend
I'd finally decide if I like ranch or honey mustard with my chicken strips
I'd trade in my jeep and upgrade to something more grownup
I'd stop missing life in Oxford so much 

Clearly none of these happened, but my beloved Rebels are having their best season since 1962. Isn't it funny how much can happen in a year, and things we think are a sure bet turn out to not be at all. Anyway here's to hoping my boys in red and blue can march out of Tiger Stadium alive with another win this week and I'll have another joy filled football post next Monday. Hotty Toddy and Go To Hell LSU 

PS: Just so you don't think I'm a bandwagon fan here's my post from last year when we beat those corndogs and I was there to experience it

Thursday, October 16, 2014

fall 2014 playlist

Remember how my goal for this month is to get my shit done without letting it all pile up? Halfway through the month and I'm totally rocking at accomplishing this. What's been my trick? This totally awesome playlist. My entire life I've been one of those people who works best with noise in the background, something about the quiet just causes me to lose focus. Sometimes I'll turn the tv on and try to work with HGTV playing in the background, but that leaves more of a chance of getting sucked into a House Hunters marathon, so what I've found works best is a great playlist.

Here's what I'm currently listening to! What about you?

PS: check out these other fun playlists I've put together! (1 & 2 & 3 & 4 )

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

my favorite quote

Today I'm linking up for Blogtober to share my favorite quote, "be the change you wish to see in the world." I think I've mentioned this is my favorite quote before, but I don't think I've ever really explained why I love it so much.

To me this quote is all about empowering yourself. It's about taking charge of everything in your life. If you don't like the way something is, you need to act to change it. Just because you are one person doesn't mean you can't make a difference. The biggest change I wish to see in the world is for more kindness. Because of that I always try to remember the golden rule and treat everyone the way I want to be treated.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

some things just don't matter

My brother had a car accident yesterday. We got pummeled with bad weather across the state all day, rain, strong winds, and even hail in some places. He was driving home from school for his Medical School interview this morning when a tree fell on the highway right in front of him. He couldn't stop in time and went over the tree ending up on the side of road. He's okay; his car not so much. He couldn't get it started again and had to call Highway Patrol and a tow company and my dad to drive the almost 3 hours to come pick him up. When you factor in the added stress of having to cancel/reschedule his interview I'm pretty sure his ranks up there as one of the worst Mondays ever. Even with how bad it was honestly he's lucky it wasn't worse. What if he'd been going just a little faster and the tree had fallen on his car? Or what if there had been other cars on the road making it a multiple car accident.

My brother is my best friend and I honestly don't know what I would do if something seriously bad had happened to him. This made me realize that it could always be worse and that certain things just really don't matter. When put into perspective, all my other concerns are so small.

So what if I've made negative progress on my weight loss goals since the beginning of summer. So what if I hate my job more than I thought was ever possible. So what if the boy I'm really into and thought was really into me hasn't communicated with me in over a week. So what if that super cleaver blog post only got 3 comments or that adorable Instagram picture only got 12 likes. So what if nobody has text/snapchatted me back.    

My daily concerns are so frivolous when I put them down in words. These things I worry and obsess over are honestly a little embarrassing. My life when compared to that of so many others is a fairy tale.

My brother could have died yesterday. There is a woman in Dallas with a deadly disease that she contracted when doing her job. There are thousands of children who go to bed hungry each night in this country. There are people who live in fear of being killed for their beliefs. There are so many people who have serious problems about which to worry, and my biggest concern is if my hair will curl right today. Seriously, how embarrassing can I be. It has never been more clear that some things just don't matter.

Monday, October 13, 2014



Incase you can't tell I'm just a little bit excited about this! I'm not going to lie I was nervous until the very end of Saturday's game, because like the announcers liked to keep mentioning A&M came from behind to beat us the past two years. What was especially great about Saturday's game is that it showed everyone that our win against Bama wasn't just a fluke. We played a great game of football.

It really is hard to explain how big of a deal this is because unless you're an Ole Miss (or Mississippi State) fan you just wouldn't understand. To go from the laughing stock of your conference to being ranked in the top 5 within just a few years is huge. I know Auburn went from horrible to the national title game in just a year, but that's different because they'd won it all just a few years before. Ole Miss hasn't won a national title since the 60s and unless I'm mistaken Mississippi State has never won. I'm genuinely excited for Mississippi State and their #1 ranking, to see my beloved state ranked at the top of something good is good for my soul. Plus I don't think there is any doubt they're playing the best game of football in the nation right now.

This was the hype video from the Bama game the other week, but I think it so perfectly explains what is going on; "when the race is on, all bets are off."

Who knows what the rest of the season will hold, but it sure is nice watching the underdogs succeed. It is such a special time for the Magnolia State. I'm so proud to call this place home and to call those boys in the red and blue my team. Hotty Toddy!

I know this is a football post, but I think it has a lesson we can all take away. Just because you've never been number one doesn't mean you can't start being the best now. We decide our own fates; hard work, determination, and passion pay off. As Taylor Swift would say, just let the haters hate and shake it off. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

things I like more than October

Now that October is in full swing and I've seen that dumb Anne of Green Gables quote 14 million times, I think it's time for me to confess my unpopular opinion; I don't really love October. I mean the beginning of fall is nice and all, but I just don't understand all these people who act like it being October is the best thing to happen to them all year. As far as months go, I rank October along with March and September kinda towards the bottom as boring months. Today I wanted to share a few things I like more than October.

You can have back October as long as I still get to keep these things

......................................old movies 
............................Christmas songs
......................statement necklaces 
..................chocolate chip cookies
.................24 hour news channels  
falling asleep to the sound of rain

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Travel Bucket List

Today I'm linking up for the Blogtober challenge for the topic of best/worst vacation. It's actually kinda ironic because this post has been sitting in my drafts folder waiting to be completed since I read this post from Helene. I think this prompt is technically meant to be talking about either the best or worst vacation you've taken, but like I always say, this is my blog and I do what I want. So I'm putting my own special twist and instead sharing my travel bucket list. For a 23 year old from Mississippi I've actually done a good bit of traveling, but there are still so many places left on my list. I'd love to knock a few of these off my list within the next 5 years while I'm still young, especially the foreign locations seeing as I've never been outside the United States.

Inside the United States
Alaska ~ Albuquerque ~ Breckenridge ~ Charleston ~ Church Hill Downs ~ Dallas ~ Harry Potter World ~ New York City ~ Redwood Forrest ~ San Antonio ~ Savannah ~ Smokey Mountains

Outside the United States
Barcelona ~ Buenos Aires ~ Denmark ~ Easter Island ~ Greece ~ Holland ~ Ireland ~ Lake Como ~ London ~ Montreal ~ Monticarlo ~ Paris ~ Rome ~ South Africa ~ Sydney

Where else should I add to my list?

Helene in Between Blogtober

Monday, October 6, 2014

all time favorites playlist

Happy Monday friends!

I don't have a lot for you today, but I hope you'll enjoy what I'm sharing. Maybe it's because I'm still a little emotional over the Ole Miss victory Saturday but I'm having a hard time stringing together more than a couple of quality sentences of content. I've attempted to write a few different posts for today, but luckily for you I didn't publish any of those. Hopefully I'll be able to come down from this Rebel high and put together a real post for y'all tomorrow. But in the meantime I'm sharing a little something that didn't require me to do any thinking.

It's no secret that I love putting together playlists. I usually create a new playlist each season with the different songs I'm currently loving. They'll usually feature mostly new songs I've been hearing on the radio, but also include some older things I've rediscovered. While it's certainly fun to mix it up and have different playlists with the latest fad songs sometimes you just want to listen to your tried and true favorites. That's what today's playlist features; each of these songs are ones that I've loved for a long time. These aren't just the ones I'll proclaim "OMG this is my jam!" and enjoy for a season before being forgotten. These are songs that I'll constantly return to, always in the mood for, and never get skipped in a playlist. This is my all time favorites playlist minus my all time favorite song, Let It Be, because Spotify is dumb and doesn't have it. 

What's on your all time favorites playlist?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Five

1. Go to this link and vote for my friend, Calvin! He's in the running for ultimate tailgater and it'd mean so so much to me if you'd vote for him. One thing we know at Ole Miss is how to throw a great tailgate, and his really are always topnotch. You have to like Gordos Cheese dip on facebook, but the contest is just this week so you can unlike it next week.

2. Speaking of Ole Miss, my beloved campus is playing host to College Game Day tomorrow! To say I'm a little upset I can't be there would be an understatement, so if I seem a little salty tomorrow that's why. This is the first time we've ever hosted so obviously it's a huge deal. We play Alabama and I'm praying for a win, or at least for a good fight. Hotty Toddy Go Rebs!

3. With October officially here I feel like the amount of pumpkin everything has only skyrocketed. I've loved pumpkin since I was little and my mom would let me help make her special pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving. I've seen so many yummy Pinterest recipes I'm dying to try out. I think first up on my list will be these super delicious looking pumpkin snickerdoodle muffins

4. I don't know how closely anyone else follows the news, but it seems like lately there just hasn't been anything good. Ebola in Dallas, a man beheading a former coworker in Oklahoma, and a man getting into the White House through an unlocked main door. When I read things like this I really worry about the future of our country.

5. Okay so I'm sure you've all heard the Beyonce version of XO, but did you know John Mayer did a version too? I'm just a little bit obsessed with this song, and by that I mean I've had it on repeat all week

XO by John Mayer on Grooveshark

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Goals

I did okay with my September goals, not great, but respectable. The over all goal was to grow my blog and I absolutely accomplished that last month. I'm close to 300 bloglovin follows (If you don't already follow me please do! I have big plans for when I reach 300 followers) with my Twitter and Instagram following jumping leaps and bounds too. I successfully completed two goals (blog 4/5 times a week and sponsor 3 blogs) and the other 3 I'd say I did about a third of the month. So total that means I was 3/5 which isn't the worst I've done. So I'm adding $30 to the jar bringing my total to $520.

Okay I'm going to be honest, I don't really have any goals for October. I thought about doing a no candy month but then remembered this little holiday called Halloween falls at the end of this month so no way is that gonna happen. Then I thought about doing another no/low spend month but honestly I actually really need work clothes. Last fall I wasn't working yet so I lived in leggings and long sweaters with my boots; this year I won't be able to do that.

So I decided to do a kinda throwback to June when I had no real goals and instead just do whatever I feel like at the moment. That might seem like an excuse to be lazy and do nothing, but really it's the opposite. This month I'm anticipating lots of little things are going to be on my to-do lists leading up to a super hustle month in November. Sometimes I'm bad about putting off little things I don't want to do until they all build up and become one big thing. This month I really want to try and knock things off as they come instead of letting them wait till later. In all honesty this might be the most difficult goal to accomplish so far this year.